Patek Philippe PerpetualCalendar ref.1518

Has created numerous complications for Patek Philippe watch, Chronograph Watch has always occupied a very important position, especially since 1941, beginning a series of hand-wound perpetual calendar Chronograph Watch, more for classical aesthetic design and exquisite workmanship, attracted many watch connoisseurs race known as the chronograph’s perfect masterpiece.

Patek Philippe made Chronograph Watch has a long tradition, so far, more than 150 years. Brand first chronograph launched in 1856, which belongs to the Pocket Watch style. Patek Philippe first Chronograph Watch appeared in 1923, this is a Rattrapante watch is the leader at the time. Said Patek Philippe Chronograph Watch masterpiece, mention Ref.130 Chronograph Watch, Patek Philippe official, this gives Reference after the first Chronograph Watch. Ref. 130 of the movement started by Victorin Piguet movement changes the basis, basis later Lemania movement with Column Wheel mechanism, accurate and reliable.

Outstanding achievement based on Ref.130, Patek Philippe started in 1941 production of the first perpetual calendar chronograph Ref. 1518. 1518 built-in Cal.13 hand-wound movement, modified by Lemania chronograph movement swiss made, apart from the stopwatch, and keeps the calendar function to display window shows days and months, timing control for rectangular buttons. Ref. 1518 of the dimensions are very small, only 35 mm in diameter, which ear shape to make it look more compact.

Table fans, as Patek Philippe perpetual calendar Chronograph Watch Ref.1518 origin of the statue is another fatal attraction. It is believed Ref.1518 in the 14 years between 1941 and 1954 produced a total of 281, most of which are plant yellow gold case, Rose Gold version less than 20%, and stainless steel version according to the test are more likely to only four. To the less is your truth, Ref.1518 rose gold versions of estimated millions of euros worth, while the stainless steel version Ref. 1518 a record auction price. If the price is look at and sigh, the current version of the calendar chronograph Ref. 5270 relative is close to many.

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph Ref extremely rare stainless steel version. 15,181 12th (Geneva time) in Switzerland of the famous auction house Phillipe winter auction, with high prices of the domestic 11,002,000 Swiss franc, refresh the record of the most expensive watches in the world.

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