Patek Philippe Sky Moon 6104P Dream Star Watch

Compared to other colors, beautiful blue is even more charming, more to impress us. In fact, not only the most beautiful color of the sky, and the inside of the wrist bright blue world, that touch of blue, some profound, some clean, some fresh, little is rather unique, always when we seek a little more appreciation and nostalgia.

Patek Philippe sky blue watches have a lot, it was the most luxurious Super complex functions of time series 6104G Patek Philippe watch, this cosmic Star chart of the most fascinating is that, in blue sky, Sirius and the Moon interleaved transform functions indicated in time display, calendar and moon phase function

Patek Philippe Sky Moon inside the sky panoramic view, the brightest star in the northern hemisphere, a unique three-layer glass turning at different speeds, creating breathtaking depth of field and the trajectory of the Moon, accurately shows the stars and Moon in the night sky panorama. Elliptical in a lane, box depending on the range of sky visible in Geneva showed Patek Philippe complicated watchmaking technology, more for you to close the new reward.

Actuarial 25 trillion after the transfer rate, Patek Philippe finally found a rate, the various components to minimize errors. Lunar day, daily error was 0.05 seconds; errors in 0.088 seconds on stars and the phases of the Moon, per month 6.51 seconds.

By 301 independent parts, each gear still do extra processing by hand polishing to meet the Patek Philippe adherence to internal processes. Table side is decorated with a cross pattern, with a transparent bottom, showing complex movement and unique decoration.