Replica Rolex Watches GMT Master 16750 Black VS Submariner 116610LN

The replica watch Rolex is a watch that combines classic and fashion. It provides a series of classic and professional watches to cater to the different styles. However, there are inevitably similar styles among them even if there are multiple styles of the replica Rolex watches. Today we mainly distinguish between GMT Master 16750 and Submariner 116610LN. The appearance of these two kinds of watches is extremely similar, which often makes buyers hesitant to buy. Next, let us analyze these two watches carefully.


Rolex Replica Watches GMT Master 16750 Black VS Submariner 116610LN

Although these two replica Rolex watches are made of 40 mm diameter and 316-grade stainless steel, there are still obvious differences in appearance. The bezel used by Submariner 116610LN is a 60-minute chronograph bezel, and this bezel can only be rotated in a counterclockwise direction; while the bezel of GMT Master 16750 is a 24-hour bezel, which can rotate in both directions. There is also a red 24-hour hand on the dial of this watch imitation Rolex, which is to help us read the second time zone better.


Rolex Submariner replica 116610LN uses a redesigned buckle with clasp decoration. This buckle is different from many diving buckles on the market. The buckle can adjust the length of the strap in increments. It can extend the strap by about 20 mm with a length of 2 mm per measure. The strap of this replica watch is easy to adjust, which can increase the comfort of men wearing. The replica GMT Master 16750 watch used an easy-to-adjust buckle. This kind of clasp only needs to be simply folded. The strap can be extended by 5 mm and it can make the wearer more comfortable.

Rolex Replica Watches GMT Master 16750 Black VS Submariner 116610LN BRACELET


Both the replica Rolex watches introduced today have a date display function. But GMT Master 16750 Black has a dual time zone display in addition to the date display. The Submariner 116610L has no such function. However, 116610LN has a 60-minute chronograph outer ring, and its bezel can count down, which is not available in GMT Master 16750 Black. Both watches are only suitable for real-time waterproofing, but this is already very good for Replica Rolex watches.

The movements used in these two watches are Asian automatic movements. It can ensure the reading time accurately. The dial design of these two watches is almost identical. They all use black dials and silver-white scales. Thus, it has no difficulty in reading time. Both perfect watches replica Rolex are among the best-selling replica Rolex watches. They are all popular because of their classic exterior design. If you like a watch designed like this, you can consider buying either of these two watches. But if you are going to travel frequently or you like diving, then you’d better buy it according to the functions of the watch. According to the different needs to choose different watch will be the best methods.

4 Rolex Watch Replica Worth Buying: Buying Guide

Rolex is a famous luxury watch manufacturer in Switzerland. Many products of Rolex have received a warm welcome from people. No matter when Rolex watches are the most popular products. Some people like the color combination, some people like its practicality, some people like its classics…Everyone likes a variety of types, and Rolex is the watch manufacturer that can meet people’s needs best among many brands. Every watch produced by Rolex is worth buying. Next, I will introduce 4 replica watches that I think are most worth buying.

Replica Automatic Rolex Day-Date 118238 Gold


Replica Automatic Rolex Day-Date 118238 Gold

The replica watch automatic Rolex Day-Date 118238 is a symbol of status and status. The gold color it uses is representative of luxury. Thus, this watch is also the first choice for successful and elite people. The color of this watch highlights its unique luxury beauty and attracts many men. This watch is not only popular with the public but also has collection value and it is also a watch worth buying.

Men’s Replica Rolex Submariner Date 116613LB

Men’s Replica Rolex Submariner Date 116613LB

The two-tone bracelet has always been a very controversial one. Many people do not like two-color watches, but I still insist on recommending this watch today. Although the two-color bracelet is not popular with many people, there are more people who like the blue dial. This watch is a watch with a blue dial and a blue bezel. Blue is the color of the sea. When the blue dial and the two-tone bracelet are combined, there is also a unique sense of beauty. Therefore, this watch also attracts the attention of many people.

Automatic Rolex Replica Daytona 116508 Green Dial

Automatic Rolex Replica Daytona 116508 Green Dial

The combination of dark green and gold makes for a bold design. Rolex Replica watches Daytona 116508 uses this bold design: green dial and gold dial. Wearing this watch can not only improve a person’s temperament but also make a person look nobler. This unique color design adds a lot of charm to this watch and it also attracts many watch fans.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master 16700 Black Dial

Replica Rolex GMT-Master 16700 Black Dial

Watch replica Rolex GMT-Master Automatic RGM005 is a surprising watch. Its unique two-color bezel has won a lot of favor for it. The two-tone bezel is a combination of technology and aesthetics. Its two-tone color makes the appearance of this watch more prominent and more eye-catching. This watch is not only beautiful but also has practical functions. Thus, many people are fascinated by it.

Many watches of super clone Rolex watches are very popular. Each watch has its own characteristics, and own style. It is not enough to recommend a Rolex worth buying with just an article. The charm of a Rolex replica watch is endless. So how can this be described clearly in an article? The above four replica Rolex watches are my personal favorites. Choosing a watch is easy but also difficult because every Rolex replica is very popular.

Bright Knockoff Rolex Watch Daytona 116508

Bright knockoff Rolex Daytona 116508

This knockoff Rolex Daytona watch 116508 with a beautiful dark green dial has caught my attention. Why would I say that? Because the color scheme of this watch replica is diverse and also bold. It uses three colors of gold, dark green and red. The characteristics of this watch are better reflected because of these color prefect combinations. This watch copy is the embodiment of elegance and nobility. Although this watch has certain restrictions on how to match clothes, I believe this is not difficult for people who love this watch. Next, let us take a look at the charm of this watch imitation.


Bright knockoff Rolex Daytona 116508 dial

When I first saw the replicas watches, all the attention was focused on the dark green dial. The dial of this color is not only attractive, but also dazzling. The dial structure of this knockoff watch is the same as the dial structure of other Daytona watches: there are three subdials on the dial. Perhaps when we see this imitation, we can just see the entire dark green dial, but if you look closely, you will see that the inner circles of the three subdials in this dial are not green but red. And above the subdial at six o’clock, the name of Daytona is spelled in red. The design of this color is very ingenious, and the combination is just right. It didn’t make red destroy the overall beauty, nor did it let green lose its charm. This watch replica can achieve such a degree is close to perfection.


Bright knockoff Rolex Daytona 116508 Case

This 40mm Oyster case is equipped with a simple but stylish screw-in case back and a gold fixed bezel with correct scales. This copy watch is made of stainless steel, but it looks the same as the one made of gold. The water resistance of Rolex Daytona 116508 can reach 100 meters, but my copy cannot. However, for this kind of watch replica, it is quite good. Although this copy is still inadequate, it can be say an exact copy.


Bright knockoff Rolex Daytona 116508 movement

Rolex Daytona uses a self-winding movement, which is exclusively designed and produced by Rolex. My watches replica use a Japanese automatic movement. I cannot deny that my watches imitaion movement is not as good as the original. But from another perspective, Rolex Daytona is not something that most people can buy easily or can afford, but the price of my copy is only a few hundred dollars, and most people can afford it. From the appearance, the knockoff watch Rolex Daytona 116508 is almost exactly the same as the original. If you don’t look carefully, it is difficult to distinguish it. This can be regarded as this price has played its value.


Bright knockoff Rolex Daytona 116508 bracelet

The watches fake with brushed outer link and polished center is composed of a three-chain bracelet made of stainless steel and gold-plated. It also has a folding Oyster lock safety clasp and is equipped with comfort extensions. The watches knockoff bracelet is similar to the bracelet made of gold. It is stable and elegant, and with excellent comfort. I think this is pretty good for replicas Rolex Daytona 116580 watches, right?

This Rolex watch Daytona 116508 has a unique design with a dark green dial and rose gold case. Also, the price of this is much higher than others because of such a distinctive design. Its limited production makes it difficult to purchase. At this point, why not consider this Rolex knockoff Daytona watch. Its appearance and quality are guaranteed. If you also like this sense of design, this knockoff Rolex watch Daytona 116508 is your best choice.

Know Automatic Replica Rolex Day-date 118238 Gold Better


In fact, this replica Rolex watch does not need to be introduced too much. It is so classic. This color design of this watch can clearly distinguish it from other Rolex series. It not only has a high collection value, but also is a symbol of identity and status just like gold. Of course, it is also the first choice for those successful and elite men. Therefore, it is also called the President of Rolex. Next, let us take a look at Automatic Replica Rolex Day-date 118238 Gold.

Automatic Replica Rolex Day-date 118238 Gold


The Automatic Rolex Replica Day-date 118238 Gold has got a 36 mm Oyster case. This case is made of stainless steel and can be waterproof in real time. However, its lugs and structure will be wider than the old watches of the same series.Thus, the overall look this kind of fake watch is bigger.

C;lassic Case



This color design of this dial is quite special, and this color used is the same color as the bracelet. But this shape of the dial is similar to other replica watches, using an ordinary round dial. This dial is forged from gold and inlaid with diamonds. At that time, looked confidently and found that this was not a real diamond, but a imitation of the diamond. This may be disappointing, but if you don’t check it carefully, it won’t happen. Actually, for replica watches, it’s pretty good. The dial is equipped with a day and date display window. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock, and the day of the week is displayed at the center of 12 o’clock. Of course, the material used on this date mirror is scratch-resistant, and this date can be read clearly even after a few years.

Luxury Dial



The bracelet of this Automatic fake watch Rolex Day-date 118238 Gold is also made of stainless steel. This buckle of this bracelet is designed with a single folding hidden crown buckle. This design not only improves the overall beauty of this watch, but also improves safety and comfort. This can be said to be a unique bracelet.

Bright Bracelet



This special watch movement is powered by the 3155 automatic winding movement and can provide approximately 48 hours of power reserve. Indeed, my watch imitation is not equipped with the same type of movement. Instead, it is equipped with an Asian automatic movement, but it can still maintain a very accurate time, and the power reserve can be maintained for about one day. This is pretty good for the copy.



The bright color of this Automatic Replica Rolex Day-date 118238 Gold itself happens to be a representative of successful people. Thus it has become a dream watch for most men. From this color of the exterior to the design of the dial, it all highlights luxury and unique beauty of this watch. People call this Rolex President for a reason. It is both a status symbol and a representative of luxury. When many men struggle with the price of this watch, think about a Automatic Rolex Replica Day-date. I think when you see it, you will inevitably be shocked by its similarity and fall in love with it deeply. In the end, you will find that this is the most correct choice you have made.

History Of The Replica Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is a watch collection with an interesting story. We always see the word “most” in front of the word Submariner, like most popular, most recognizable, most emulated. Owning and wearing a replica Rolex Submariner watch is one thing, but delving into the history of the watch can be a daunting task. Next, let’s take a look at the history of the Rolex Submariner.

Born In 1953

The history of the Rolex Submariner dates back to 1922. For it was in this year that Hans Wilsdorf began preparing a completely sealed, water-resistant case. In 1927, Mercedes Gleitze from Brighton, England, crossed the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster watch, proving to everyone that it was completely water-resistant. In September 1953, Rolex officially launched the first Submariner watch, which was officially presented at the Basel Fair in 1954.

First Rolex Submariner – Ref.6204 – 1953

Replica Rolex Submariner 6204

The Rolex Submariner 6204 was the first waterproof watch officially released by Rolex. This watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. The rotatable 60-minute bezel allows divers to monitor the time underwater and helps them manage their oxygen reserves. However, at this time, the bezel does not yet have a smaller scale between zero and 15. Also, the hands at this point are still the usual stick or pencil type. The case of the Rolex Submariner 6204 is thinner and the crown is smaller at 5.3mm. In many ways, they were the best tool watches right from the start. Also, from the very beginning, the Submariner was designed to be a watch not only for use in the water, but also as an elegant sports watch for everyday use.

Mercedes Hour Hand

Replica Rolex Submariner 6205

The Rolex Submariner 6205, released in 1954, looks more like the Submariners we know today, starting with the “SUBMARINER” at 6 o’clock on the dial. Secondly, the classic Mercedes hour hand replaced the normal sword-shaped hour hand, and the circle on the lollipop seconds hand was no longer at the top, but in the middle of the seconds hand.

Water Resistant To 200m And Bigger Crown – 8MM

Replica Rolex Submariner 6200

The Rolex Submariner 6200 is one of the best Submariner watches ever made and the first Submariner to be made with has a large 8MM crown. This watch was launched in 1955. The thicker case combined with the larger crown doubled the water resistance of this Submariner watch to 200M.

Extra Detailing Of Bezel

Replica Rolex Submariner 6538

The Rolex Submariner 6538 was created in 1956. It was the first time the Submariner refined the first 15 minutes of the Rolex bezel to make the final 15-minute countdown more accurate. In addition, the bezel starts with a red triangle.

Bigger Case Size – 40MM

Replica Rolex Submariner 5512

Born in 1959, the Rolex Submariner 5512 was first fitted with a 40mm wide case. This model continued to be produced for over 20 years and there were dozens of variations. But they all feature angled lugs, a slightly larger 7mm crown, a crown guard, and a diving bezel with a detailed 15-minute scale.

Rolex Submariner Date Born

Replica Rolex Submariner Date 1680

In 1969, Rolex introduced the first Rolex Submariner Date 1680 watch. Moreover, a Cyclops was set above the date window at three o’clock. The early Submariner Date 1680 watches were signed with the text “Submariner” in red in four lines at six o’clock, so the watch was also known as “The Red Sub “. Without a doubt, the Red Sub is one of the most iconic and collectible Submariner ever made.

Sapphire Crystal And Water Resistant To 300M

Replica Rolex Submariner Date 16800

There are two improvements to this watch. First, the Rolex Submariner 16800 (born in 1979) has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This crystal is more suitable for diving environments and lasts longer and is more resistant. In addition, Rolex has increased the water resistance of the Submariner from 200M to 300M. To this day, the latest Rolex Submariner replica watches still maintain a water resistance of 300M.

Rolex Submariner Two-Tone

Replica Rolex Submariner Date Two-Tone 16613

Up to this point, all replica Rolex Submariner watches are made of stainless steel. However, Rolex added Rolesor watches to the collection in 1969. The first one was the replica Rolex Submariner 16613 Two-Tone watch made of stainless steel and gold. This watch brought the Submariner to a higher and more luxurious status.

Caliber 31xx

Replica Rolex Submariner Date 16610 With Caliber 3135

The Rolex Submariner has been equipped with the Caliber 31xx movement since 1988. The first replica Rolex Submariner 16610 was equipped with this movement. All Submariner watches released after this date were equipped with Caliber 3135 or Caliber 3130. This movement was not replaced until 2020.

Ceramic Bezel

Replica Rolex Submariner Date Two-Tone 116613LN With Ceramic Bezel

The invention of the ceramic bezel is probably one of Rolex’s greatest patents of the last decade. The first Submariner watch to have a ceramic bezel was the replica Rolex Submariner 116613 two-tone. Ceramic bezels are more expensive, but they are scratch resistant and the shine doesn’t disappear.

Caliber 32xx And 41MM Case Size

In September 2020, Rolex upgraded every watch within the Submariner collection. The 2020 new Submariner fake watches have a 41MM case size, the largest Submariner watch to date. In addition, the Caliber 3135 within the Submariner Date has been upgraded to the Caliber 3235, and accordingly, the Caliber 3130 within the Submariner has been upgraded to the Caliber 3230. The most obvious change is the increase in power reserve of the movement from 48 hours to 70 hours.

This is the detailed history of the replica Rolex Submariner. If you want to learn more about the history of other Rolex watch lines, such as the knock off Sky-Dweller, please go to

Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller History

The Sky-Dweller collection launched in 2012 is the most recent all-new release from Rolex. And its also one of the most complicated watches ever to appear in their catalog, the level of complexity is comparable to that of the Yacht-Master. Many people are not as familiar with the young knock off Sky-Dweller as they are with the historic Rolex watch collections such as the Submariner and Daytona. If you want to learn more about the history of Sky-Dweller, please read on.

Beginning – Sky-Dweller 2012

Most of Rolex’s watch collections come from the mid-20th century. Thus, it is not often that Rolex introduces entirely new collection. So, how shocking it is that Rolex is launching the Sky-Dweller at Basel 2012. Moreover, it was the first watch with a truly practical complication, an innovative annual calendar and a dual timezones. The best Sky-Dweller replica watches are definitely not a sport watch, they look somewhat like a variation of the Datejust or Day-Date, but with a larger size. In addition, these knock off Sky-Dweller watches are available only in three gold alloys.

knock off Rolex Sky-Dweller 326939 White Gold Silver Dial Oyster Strap Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller 326938 yellow gold champagne dial yellow gold Oyster bracelet Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 Everose gold chocolate dial brown leather strap

  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326939 white gold, silver dial, white gold Oyster bracelet.
  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326938 yellow gold, champagne dial, yellow gold Oyster bracelet.
  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 Everose gold, chocolate dial, brown leather strap.

Sky-Dweller 2014

These three luxury replica watches did not change their reference numbers, but feature different materials and colours without technical changes. This year, the main purpose of Rolex was to add options to this collection.

Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller 326938 yellow gold silver dial brown alligator strap Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller 326938 yellow gold silver dial brown alligator strap Knock Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 Everose gold, pink gold dial Everose gold Oyster bracelet

  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326939 white gold, black dial, black alligator leather strap.
  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326938 yellow gold, silver dial, brown alligator strap.
  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 Everose gold, pink gold dial, Everose gold Oyster bracelet.

Sky-Dweller 2017

Before 2017, the expensive Sky-Dweller was only available in precious metals like Everose gold, white gold and yellow gold. At Baselworld 2017, however, Rolex introduced two new versions, featuring combinations of gold and stainless steel, giving them a cheaper price. What fans have been waiting for has finally happened. The major change to these two Sky-Dweller “Rolesor ” watches is the design of the dial. This time, it wasn’t just the addition of a new dial color. Of course, I must admit that the starburst blue dial is the most beautiful dial I’ve seen within the collection.

Gone are the radial Arabic or Roman hour markers, replaced with elongated applied batons, filled with blue Chromalight. This change makes the dial even cleaner. The second change in the dial is the second time zone disc is now colour matched to the dial rather than contrasting. This change makes the dial more harmonious. The thied change is longer hands. This change is always a welcome improvement to legibility and aesthetic balance. So these changes add a significantly more standard and conservative option to the Rolex Sky-Dweller collection. Further, these differences will allow buyer to distinguish at a glance, say, an all-white-gold model from a two-tone steel and white gold model.

Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller History Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller Rolesor 326934 in steel and 18k white gold blue dial

Today – Sky-Dweller 2020

The changes this year are also surprising. For 2020, Rolex has upgraded the yellow gold and Everose gold Sky-Dweller models. The dial, case, and movement remain the same, the only thing that has changed is the bracelet. Both 18k gold watches come with an Oysterflex bracelet. Moreover, this is the first time that the Sky-Dweller
collection has been paired with this innovative and highly functional bracelet. At the same time, Rolex did not discontinue 18k gold watches with Oyster bracelets. That said, both yellow gold and Everose gold watches are now available with both a rubber strap and a metal bracelet option.

Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller 326238 yellow gold black dial Oysterflex bracelet Knock Off Rolex Sky-Dweller 326235 Everose gold chocolate dial Oysterflex bracelet

  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326238 yellow gold, black or white or champagne dial, Oysterflex bracelet.
  • Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326235 Everose gold, grey or chocolate or white dial, Oysterflex bracelet.

What Hasn’t Changed?

Since its birth, Sky-Dweller has only just reached adulthood at the age of 18. However, other than the materials used to make it, the color of the dial, the style of the dial, and the bracelet, no other details have changed. Let’s continue to explore the things that Sky-Dweller has been holding on to.

  • Caliber 9001

The Caliber 9001 designed exclusively for Sky-Dweller is an automatic 40-jewel movement. This movement is one of the Rolex’s most complex movements, but it is quite easy to use once you understand how to access each of the functions within. Like other Rolex movements, this complicated movement is also COSC certified. And like many of the newer Rolex movements, the Cal. 9001 includes a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers, a 72-hour power reserve.

  • Dual Time

Sitting below 12 o’clock on the Sky-Dweller‘s dial is a small red arrow. And an off-centered rotating disc at 6 o’clock which sits a 24-hour scale. The arrow points towards the 24-hour ring, then can indicates your reference time.

  • Annual Calendar

The Sky-Dweller is the first and only collection in the Rolex brand to have an annual calendar. And the way the calendar is displayed is so simple, it’s completely unexpected, but quite interesting. A year has twelve months and a watch dial usually has twelve hours, what a coincidence. The Rolex Sky-Dweller watch simply and discreetly adds twelve apertures around the dial to indicate the current month. The annual calendar may not be as prestigious as a perpetual calendar, but it’s already a very practical complication. What’s more, the annual calendar will need only one adjustment per year because it will automatically corrects for months with 30 or 31 days.

  • Ring Command Bezel

Every Rolex Sky-Dweller replica watch has a dazzling fluted bezel that looks the same as the fluted bezel on the Datejust, but the two fluted bezels are different. The fluted bezel on the Sky-Dweller is rotatable and very clever. This bezel is one of the most important designs in Sky-Dweller watches and is called the “Ring Command Bezel”. The fluted bezel can be rotated into any of three positions to set the date, local time or second time zone. In fact, this is a fairly complicated mechanism with 60 parts, with the heart being two cams that engage the respetive mechanisms for setting.

  • Case Size

The case size of the knock off Rolex Sky-Dweller watches also remains the same, at 42mm. The Sky-Dweller is not a sports watch, so Rolex will not increase its case size. At the same time, the case size will not become smaller, which will affect the layout and function of the dial.

As you can see from the Sky-Dweller’s history, the Sky-Dweller is changing from a dress watch to a luxury watch with a sporty feel. However, these high quality Rolex replica watches have always been somewhere between sporty and elegant. Many persons consider the Rolex Sky-Dweller to be the ultimate travel watch. The clever Sky-Dweller is the perfect choice for any adventure seeker.

New Fake Rolex Submariner Kermit 126610LV VS Hulk 116610LV

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, we have all had a pretty rough 2020. Rolex got everyone’s spirits up in September 1, 2020 by dropping a ton of new watches and updating some classic Rolex collections. For most people, one watch in particular has always been top of mind, the Rolex Submariner. This year, Rolex has finally upgraded its Submariner watches, and the entire collection. I’ve already covered the new 2020 fake Rolex Submariner 41 watches in detail, and I’m going to move on to the difference between Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk and 126610LV Kermit.

New Fake Rolex Submariner Kermit 126610LV Fake Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV

Dial Color

First, the dial has gone from a sunburst green, back to a lacquer black. I say back to black due to the 16610LV Kermit born in 2003 being this color combination. The previous Rolex Submariner 116610LV had a green bezel and green dial, but the new 2020 Submariner 126610LV has a green bezel and black dial. Now the black dials on both stainless steel Submariner Date 41 watcehs(Submariner 126610LV and 126610LN). In addition to the color, the handset in the dial have also been tweaked. The indexes are the same ‘Maxi’ style, but the minute hand ever so slightly longer and now just touching the outer minute track. In addition, the Mercedes-style hour hand now slightly fatter too. These minor changes were made to give the dial a tidier and more balanced look. The last change within the dial is the addition of the tiny Rolex logo in-between the words “Swiss” and “Made”.


One of the reasons why the fake Rolex Submariner 116610LV is called the “Hulk” is because the bezel and dial are both green. When the green dial was replaced with a black one, the nickname no longer applied to the Submariner 126610LV. However, there is one watch that has the same green bezel and black dial, and its nickname is the “Kermit”. So, many people consider the fake Rolex Submariner 41 126610LV to be the second “Kermit” watch. Interestingly, after upgrading the Submariner 16610LV Kermit to the 116610LV Hulk, Rolex has now resurrected the Submariner Kermit (ref. 126610LV). So, I guess we’ll see the Submariner Hulk(ref.136610LV) resurrected again in about a decade.

Case Size

In 2020, Rolex has increased the case size of every Submariner watch to 41mm. This is the first time Rolex has upgraded the case size since 1959. In 1959, Rolex introduced the Submariner 5512, and the case size of Submariner watches remained the same for the next 60 years, even as more and more people complained that 40mm was too small for a modern sports watch.

So it was happy when everyone knew that the Rolex Submariner 126610LV had a larger case. The case size of the Rolex Submariner 116610LV stays at 40mm, but the Super Case brought lugs and crown guards roughly twice the thickness of previous watches. The Rolex Submariner 126610LV, on the other hand, has a wider case diameter, but it drops the Super Case. This means a 41mm case with narrower, sharper lugs. So the difference between the two cases on the wrist is very, very small.


The bezels are both made of ceramic and their colors have not changed. Both Cerachrom bezels are still engraved with the 60-minute diving scale, unidirectional rotation, tactile 120-click operation, and platinum PVD-filled numerals. In general, the bezels have not changed, except for the change in size (to match the larger case size).


Caliber 3135 fake automatic movement

The Rolex Submariner 116610LV is still powered by the NO.3135 movement. Since 1988, Rolex Submariner watches have been powered by this highest-quality mass-produced movement ever made. The new caliber NO.3235 was introduced in 2015. Every year since then, there has been speculation that Rolex would replace the most popular Submariner watches with a new movement. We have seen Deepsea and Sea-Dweller replace their watches with new movements, but only the Submariner watches have remained the same. It will be 2020 before the Rolex Submariner fake watches will finally be equipped with the new caliber NO.3235, as everyone has wished.

Caliber 3235 fake automatic movement

Although the NO.3235 movement is an updated version of the NO.3135 movement, it has been replaced by approximately 90% of its components. And, the new movement has received 14 patents. The most obvious change is the increase in power reserve from 48 hours to 70 hours. In addition, the new movement houses a Chronergy escapement and a blue Parachrom hairspring.


The fake Rolex Submariner 126610LV Kermit and 116610LV Hulk both come with the iconic three-link Oyster bracelet. However, the proportions of the bracelet have been adjusted as the case has been added and the lugs have tapered. The whole bracelet is wider throughout its entire length, with the most notable increase in width being to the clasp. The clasp remains unchanged, however, and all feature the Oysterlock security clasp with the Glidelock extension system. Even in heavy diving suits, the wearer can easily adjust the length of the bracelet.

I read everyone’s thoughts on the forum before writing this article. Although the Rolex Submariner 126610LV Kermit is powered by the latest movement, the Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk with its green dial is still the model that everyone prefers. This has led to the ref. 116610LV becoming more and more expensive on the second-hand market, so if you’re still in love with the Hulk, buy it soon. The real Submariner 116610LV will be less and less available, and the price of it will be higher and higher. Of course, it is always a good idea to buy one of the best replica watches available.

New Knock Off Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches For 2020

In addition to a totally new Submariner collection in a new, larger case, 2020 sees Rolex updates a new 41mm wide version of the entry-level Rolex Oyster Perpetual. As well as adds some vibrant new dials for its smaller Oyster Perpetual 36 watches. The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 watch also debut with seven bright dial colors, including those which have not been featured on Rolex dials for a long time and a few classic colors. There is the knock off Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300 in a larger case and with a new generation movement.

New Knock Off Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches For 2020

Bright New Dial Colors

In more recent years, Rolex has made a bit of fun in Oyster Perpetual collection. For example, some more colorful dial options such as “red grape” , a bright blue dial with neon green accents. However, no one predicted that 2020 would see the introduction of a whole assortment of vibrant and bright new dial colors. Now, the Oyster Perpetual 36 watches offer lacquer dials in five bright new colors. They are candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, coral red, and green.

Knock Off Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 126000 coral red

For younger fans or fans who don’t know much about Rolex history, this is the first time to see this color in knock off Rolex watches. But these colors do not come out of a vacuum and actually aren’t new for long-established Rolex brand at all. Actually, these colorful dials are firmly rooted in the enamel Stella dials made in the 1970s for Day-Date and Datejust watches. The bright colors aren’t even just similar, they’re almost exactly the same.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm Is Dead

Knock Off Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 126000 Candy Pink Dial

We’re always going to be happy for new Rolex releases, but the birth of a new product may be accompanied by the sad news that a certain watch is discontinued. There was one bit of sad news about Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm last week. Note that introduction of the OP 41 signals the discontinuation of OP 39. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm is no more. And the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 114300 replica watches that were originally debuted in 2015. After a five-year run, OP 39 has been phased out of the collection, with the 41mm Oyster Perpetual replacing it.

The OP collection now has the following five members in total, 28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, 39mm, and 41mm. But why do Rolex has to do me like this? The Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual 39 watch was my personal favorite watch in the modern Rolex collection, and I know a lot of fans who felt the same way. I can almost feel the controversy build among some Rolex fans. With that said, many people consider OP 39 a “sweet spot,” and especially so for a relatively conservatively styled watch like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

But now, what’s most interesting here is that this leaves just one 39mm sport watch left in the entire Rolex brand: the Rolex Explorer I. Will the Explorer I stay 39mm long term or eventually swell in size with the rest collections? Only time can tell us the answer.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300 41MM

Knock Off Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 124300 Silver

The knock off Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300 41mm watch builds on the OP 114300 39mm watches. The previous largest case size for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection was 39mm wide, and that now goes up to 41mm wide for 2020. Now, the new Rolex OP has the same diameter as that of the new Submariner. The 41mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300 replica watches are made from Oystersteel, the case of the new Oyster Perpetual is fitted with a domed bezel, and a simple “no date” dial display.

Knock Off Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 124300 green

The new 41mm OP knock off watches debuts with several versions, all of which feature matching steel Oyster bracelets. These versions range from traditional dials with silver and black as well as a range of boldly colorful dials, including candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, coral red and green. There are seven dials with different color available in total in this size. However, if you downsize to 36mm, there’s an additional pink dial available. (Interesting, at 34mm, only four colors are available; at 31mm, there are nine colors; and at 28mm, four colors.)

Caliber 3230 Automatic

In fact, the movements in Oyster Perpetual 41 watches Rolex uses is the newer in-house made caliber 3230 automatic. It is the same movement used in the also new for 2020 Rolex Submariner No Date 124060 fake watch. No.3230 is a new version of Rolex’s existing, state-of-the-art movement, launched by Rolex this year. This new movement also carry the Superlative Chronometer certification. And it guarantees a precision of the order of −2/+2 seconds per day, that is more than twice that required of an official chronometer.

This self-winding mechanical caliber 3230 movement offers significant gains in terms of precision and power reserve as well as resistance to shocks and magnetic fields. Because it incorporates the Chronergy escapement patented by Rolex, which combines high energy efficiency with great reliability. Thanks to its barrel architecture and the escapement’s optimization, its power reserve extends to approximately 70 hours.

Rolex has certainly needed the “vibrant colors are in” trend and created both conservative and genuinely fun versions. For many men, the knock off Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are the entry-price point in steel. Rolex doesn’t make any change to one of its long-standing lines without careful consideration. So there must be a reasonable reason for Rolex ditching the 39mm OP in favor of a 41mm version. Being known for the consistency of its designs, but Rolex showed us all that it can still surprise everyone and rolled out a number of updates to the entry-level Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection.

Rolex Submariner 41 Watches Fake 2020

After six months of waiting and speculation after Basel announced the cancellation of the exhibition, Rolex finally unveiled its 2020 new watches on September 1. This time, we saw the new Rolex Submariner watches. And not just one updated one. All of the Rolex Submariner Date and No-Date watches fake have been updated. I will now give you a brief overview of the 8 new Rolex Submariner 2020 watches.

Ref Model Material Case Size Bezel Color Dial Color Movement
Rolex Submariner No-Date 124060 904L Steel 41MM Black Black 3230
Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN 904L Steel 41MM Black Black 3235
Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV 904L Steel 41MM Green Black 3235
Rolex Submariner Date 126619LB White Gold 41MM Blue Black 3235
Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN 904L Steel & Yellow Gold 41MM Black Black 3235
Rolex Submariner Date 126613LB 904L Steel & Yellow Gold 41MM Blue Blue 3235
Rolex Submariner Date 126618LN Yellow Gold 41MM Black Black 3235
Rolex Submariner Date 126618LB Yellow Gold 41MM Blue Blue 3235

The previous generation of Rolex Submariner 40 watches is scheduled to be updated year by year. They were updated in 2008, 2010 and 2012. However, this time Rolex has updated all (8) Submariner watches at the same time. This massive update is also quite surprising.

Changes To The Rolex Submariner 41 Watches

At a sharp glance, the Rolex Submariner 41MM 2020 watches are very similar to the previous 40MM Submariner watches. But in fact, the Rolex Submariner 41MM watches have changed both inside and out. Next, let’s take a look at the changes in the Rolex Submariner 41 watches.

Case Size

The case size of the newly released 2020 Rolex Submariner watches rises to 41mm. This is 1mm more than the case size of the previous generation of Submariner watches (40mm). With the exception of the early days of the Rolex Submariner, the case size within this collection has always remained at 40mm. So the increase in case size was very sudden and surprising to all the fans.


Since the case size of the new Rolex Submariner watches fake has increased to 41mm, the distance between the lugs has also increased to 21mm. At the same time, we have noticed that the lugs have become narrower and thinner.


These new fake Rolex watches also have an Oyster bracelet. But the central link of the bracelet has changed, although I don’t see it in the pictures. The Rolex brand says that they have slightly widened the central link of the bracelet.


knock off Rolex Submariner No-Datewatch with NO.3230 caliber

imitation Rolex Submariner Date watches with NO.3235 Movement

From the Rolex Submariner No-Date to the Submariner Date watches, the in-house movement has been upgraded from the NO.31XX series to the NO.32XX series. The Submariner No-Date is now equipped with the NO.3230 caliber, while the Submariner Date watches are equipped with the NO.3235 caliber. The power reserve value of both calibers has also been increased from 48 hours to 70 hours.


Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV And Rolex Submariner Date 126619LB fake watches

A small white Rolex logo has been added below the 6 o’clock position on the dial. The logo is placed between the words “SWISS MADE”. I think this additional logo is the easiest feature to identify with the new best Submariner 41 replica watches.

The second change to the dial is the color change. Of the 8 Rolex clone Submariner watches, two have different dial colors than their predecessors. The first is the replica Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV, which has a green bezel but a black dial. Well, the Rolex Submariner 116610LV with a green bezel and dial is the only Hulk. The second dial color change is the Rolex Submariner Date 126619LB fake. It retains the blue bezel, but the dial color changes from blue to black.

All in all, every update to the Rolex has been well thought out. The larger case size is in keeping with the current trends. The change in dial color also ensures that the Rolex Submariner 116610LV will remain a stable market and even go up in price. Starting in September 2020, the fake Submariner 116610LV Hulk will truly be a limited edition watch.

Which Imitation Rolex Will Be Discontinued 2020?

The latest news has been confirmed, if nothing else, that Rolex will be launching 2020 watches from September 1-4. As usual, the launch of a new watch means the discontinued production of the corresponding old model. The closer we get to the launch date, the more curious people will be about the new predictions. As for which imitation Rolex models will be discontinued, here is my opinion.

Rolex Submariner 116610

The Rolex Submariner 116610 is the hottest replica Rolex watch these years, but they have been in continuous production for 10 years since their inception. Every year for the past two years, people are predicting that Rolex will stop producing this model of Submariner watches. But ref. 116610 is still in continuous production. But after 10 years of production, it’s reasonable to stop production in 2020. One of the most deserving to be discontinued is the green Rolex Submariner 116610LV “hulk”. While the 116610LV does have a lot of character, the sheer number of them makes the “hulk” unappealing to those who used to love it.

And it’s time to replace the fake Rolex Submariner watches with the NO.32XX movement. Rolex already uses the NO.32XX movement in its Yacht-Master, Sea-Dweller and GMT-Master II watches, and in 2020 it will be the turn of the most popular Rolex Submariner watches. Discontinuation of the Submariner watches with NO.31XX movement. to release the new Submariner watches with the NO.32XX movement. This is what enthusiasts want to see.

Rolex Explorer II 216570

There is only one model left in the Rolex Explorer II collection, the ref.216570. The best fake watches are all made of 904L stainless steel and include a fixed 24-hour bezel. This is a watch made for explorers, but I have decided that the scratch-resistant ceramic bezel is more appropriate for Rolex Explorer II replica watches. So, I think the Rolex Explorer II 216570 will be discontinued in 2020, and then a Rolex with a Cerachrom bezel will appear! Explorer II watch. With its ceramic bezel, the new Rolex Explorer II watch will have a longer lifespan and will be more in line with the Rolex brand’s original intent (rugged and durable).

Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The main reason for discontinuing the production of the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV is the NO.3131 movement that is still used in these AAA replica watches. More and more Rolex imitation watches are being replaced with the NO.32XX movement, and fewer and fewer customers will be buying Rolex watches with the NO.31XX movement in the future. So I think Rolex could discontinue the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV and release a Rolex Milgauss clone watch with the NO.3231 caliber. Also, while the green sapphire crystal is the biggest attraction of the Rolex Milgauss watches. We’ve been expecting these perfect fake Rolex watches to have a higher resistance to magnetism, just like the Omega watches.

Why Will These Rolex Watches Be Discontinued?

I think that these three imitation Rolex watches will be discontinued mainly because of their configuration. After the release of the Rolex NO.32XX movement and Cerachrom ceramic bezel, they have received a lot of attention and recognition. When customers know that these parts have better performance, people are definitely more inclined to buy Rolex watches that have these new configurations. All in all, I am of the opinion that these Rolex watches need to be upgraded, which is why I think they will be discontinued.

Each of the watches sold on the Rolex website are excellent. Every single watch is excellent. But Rolex is constantly pushing the envelope and there will be more and more perfect Rolex watches to come. So discontinuing some of the Rolex watches is not a sad thing, but proof that Rolex is breaking new ground and a better alternative is being born. The above three models of Rolex watches that may be discontinued in 2020 are just my personal opinions. The date for Rolex to release new products is getting closer and closer. If you want to know what new products Rolex will release this year, you can review the Rolex replica watches released in 2019. Then make predictions for new products in 2020. Of course, Hont Watches will always produce the discontinued Rolex watches.