This Rolex should not be robbed!

This Rolex should not be robbed!Let’s get straight to the point – Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge.


Let’s talk about the characteristics of this watch first – RLX titanium, 50 mm in diameter, water-resistant to 11,000 meters, equipped with a 3230 movement, and has a power reserve of about 70 hours.

Everyone should remember that on March 26, 2012, an experimental watch accompanied James Cameron to dive into the Mariana Trench to a depth of 10,908 meters (35,787 feet). The design inspiration of the deep-sea challenge type comes from it.


As a real powerful diving watch (water resistant to 11,000 meters after all), it is equipped with a helium escape valve and a Ringlock system (which can withstand the huge water pressure in the deep sea). Chromalight luminous material provides a blue glow for clear reading.
The deep-sea challenge case back has the words “Mariana Trench” and the two dates “23-01-1960” and “26-03-2012”, paying tribute to the two deep diving expeditions in history.

Sale Policy:

First of all, because it does not have very practical wearing performance, it is unlikely that there will be a lot of people competing for it. However, its output is very small (Rolex is a brand that does not say limited, but many watches just can’t wait).

At present, only some Rolex stores in mainland China will arrive. If you are interested, it is best to communicate with the store in advance, although it is not yet possible. Make a reservation, but at least express your will first.

There’s no denying that no one will be diving to depths of 11,000 metres but that’s kind of the beauty of the madness. Technically, Rolex has created a watch that can survive such depths. The industry must applaud the brand for releasing a charming beast, both unhyped and confident in true Rolex fashion. But surely this now puts an end to the unspoken rivalry to produce the deepest-diving diver of all divers. Unless, of course, someone can find any deeper oceanic trenches on Earth to test it out in. Challenge accepted.

Why even rich people buy replica watches

Watchers who like watches know that the most famous place for producing watches is in Switzerland.


We know that there are many gigantic brands present that offer thousands of people amazing-styled watches to wear. But these brands cost the buyers a massive amount of money. But on the contrary, the replica watch uk doesn’t cost the people a high monetary sum.
Thus this means anyone can simply and efficiently buy one for themselves. The people just have to invest an amount they can simply and efficiently afford. Due to the reasonable or inexpensive cost, it becomes simple for almost every person to have the fun of wearing stylish and designer watches.

More possibility can be happened with replica watches:

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Though the replica imitates an actual brand product, it can serve its purpose for a long time. Many assume that artificial items aren’t durable as the original ones. But, they can withstand the wear and tear with proper care and maintenance. One tip to remember is that you must not take the product for granted and use it carelessly, like dropping in the water or hitting it, which can cause faster wear and tear.

Thus replica watches are the best option to consider; as such watches don’t cost people a massive amount of money. In addition, people can have each feature of gigantic brand items in an affordable range. However, the buyers can also choose the watches’ different styles and sizes according to their choice.

How to Buy Your First Rolex

Straight to the point:How to Buy Your First Rolex?

Picking the Right Model

Now comes the best part: the watch itself. When thinking about buying a watch, you should already know that Rolex has plenty of brothers and sisters in the family tree. In other words, different models. If you’re getting your first Rolex, you can’t go wrong with a classic sports watch. In this case, a Submariner, Datejust, Daytona, GMT Master, or even a Sea-Dweller.
Some Rolex collections like the GMT Master, Submariner, and Datejust are classics. It doesn’t matter whether you buy them new or find vintage pieces because they will look identical to those from 20 years earlier. These types of watches are better known as evergreen. They never seem to wear out in terms of fashion no matter what timeline or generation they are from.

Do your homework

If you’re looking to buy a new Rolex, regardless of whether or not you’ve owned one before, you’ll need to be prepared to sit down and research it thoroughly. Watching reviews from others on YouTube is the natural way to get started, and it can be beneficial to hear other people’s opinions on a watch. They might have noticed some aspects of the watch that you hadn’t. Be prepared to listen to negative feedback, however. You must weigh out your options when you’re looking to buy.

If you like wearing something sports-like for your office along with your suit, then the Datejust may be your best bet. Maybe you don’t like the Cyclops magnifying glass that comes with this model? Then the Oyster Perpetual might be more of your style. If you like bigger watches, then the Explorer series will fill the void, and they’re also pretty sporty too. Whatever you’re style is, Rolex has something to offer.

What is so special about a Rolex?

Rolex is by far one of the most highly-acclaimed and prestigious luxury watch brands on the market. Established in 1905, the Rolex brand has certainly stood the test of time in the global marketplace and the popularity of the brand is continuing to grow and grow.


Due to the high quality and longevity of Rolex watches, they really stand the test of time. If you take good care of your Rolex timepiece, it will not only retain its value, but it will also increase in value over time. Consider purchasing your Rolex watch as a savings or investment plan, where the benefit is that you take the time and effort to care for it, and your return is a financial gain.

Consistent level of quality

The basis for Rolex’s success is its extremely high product quality extending over the many years of its existence. Rolex watches show time accurately and are robust, sturdy and reliable. Maintaining consistently high quality with estimated annual production numbers of about three-quarters of a million pieces is an art unto itself. And it’s to Rolex’s advantage to omit unusual complications. It has no tourbillons, perpetual calendars or minute repeaters – not even movements with a large date display, power reserve indicator or alarm function.


unless it’s damaged in some way, you can be pretty certain that your Rolex watch will increase steadily in value. With Rolex being a great investment choice, it makes them very popular among the rich and famous and also those wanting to gain a little status. Not only does it add value to the individual’s style, but investing in a high-end watch is also helping to protect one’s cash.

So, if you are looking for a top-quality watch to wear on your arm with pride and know that it’s only going to increase in value over the years, then a Rolex is definitely a good choice for you.

Knowledge of replica watches

When we talk about replicas, we enter a world that was once made of whispered exchanges of items in an out-of-the-way alley. Today, all of this happens in the light of day!

Watch movement

Many people may think that the price of replica watches is much cheaper than genuine watches. Maybe it has poor action, maybe not accurate enough to be used for long periods of time. In fact, this is not the case. The movement of the watch is generally the automatic mechanical movement of the Swiss ETA factory. Both the quality of the movement and the accuracy of the movement are trustworthy. When they do the action, the error of the action is very strict, and the error will be strictly controlled to a small probability. Therefore, the accuracy of the replica watch is reliable and reliable, and the use error is small.

Replicas and Tributes

There is a legal version of the replica watch and it is called “Tribute”. Many small internet communities and forums are devoted to making, commenting, and discussing tribute watches. These timepieces are produced as closely as possible to historic watches, but the protected names and logos are not reproduced. However, they are completely legal. The good thing about homage watches is that they are usually produced at a much higher quality than fakes.
This is because they are not trying to be low-cost alternatives to the real thing, but rather modern versions of things that are too difficult or no longer possible to obtain.

What is the difference between an original watch and a replica watch?

The main difference is that the original is made by the company that launched the watch. Its quality standards, material sourcing and ethical working conditions, as well as fair wages, guarantee the fact that it comes from a well-known and respected brand. This is one of the main reasons why watches are so expensive.

Talk some opinion on the replica watch

You may have heard the term “replica watches” and wondered what they are. People buy fake watches because they want to look fashionable without spending a lot of money on designer goods. There are many replica styles, and you can choose the type you like. For the same money, you can own 10-100 designer watches. They are also of high quality, and almost impossible to tell the difference between the real and the fake.Today, editor wants to discuss with you, the replica watches in my eyes.

Commemorate Watches That Have Been Discontinued.

In the past, replica watches refer to watches that were previously discontinued by the original brand company. Replicas at this time is a commemoration and respect for old watches. Of course, now replica watches can also commemorate watches that have been discontinued. If you want to experience a design that has been discontinued, then choosing a replica watch is a great way. You can enjoy it in a cabinet, or you can wear it on your wrist and enjoy it up close.

Replacement for lost watches

It is normal to lose items for some people. For example, losing a luxurious designer watch will make you extremely upset. But this is not the case when it comes to the duplicates of genuine watches because they won’t disappoint.After all, they are way cheaper compared to expensive origin watches.


There are indeed some differences between the replica and the real one, but they are so few and barely visible that few people will notice. With a replica watch on your wrist, you can confidently show your newest replica watch to your friends.

worth buying

Because same quality but lower price!The most important thing is the quality difference between them. Simply put, replica watches have more than 90% of the DNA of real watches. Even good replicas are exactly the same as real watches. Plus their prices are very beautiful.
The direct point of the replica watch is the top imitation watch. The imitation watch is made according to the appearance. The quality of the movement can be divided into street goods, high imitation goods, and fine imitation replica watches. The direct point is the top imitation watch. , The quality of the movement can be divided into stall goods, high imitation goods, and fine imitations imitating genuine products. This kind of watch has many advantages such as high simulation degree, delicate workmanship, stable performance, etc. Most replica watches can also realize all the functions of the original watch. It’s very close to the original.

These are some of my thoughts on the replica watch.

How to distinguish a replica watch from a genuine watch

Today, editor will introduce some useful little knowledge to you! About the difference between replica watches and genuine products.


Since high-end timepieces are very expensive luxury goods, only fine materials are used in their construction:Genuine gold, typically 18k、Genuine leather、Genuine diamonds and gemstones and more.Because of the quality of the materials, genuine watches tend to be heavier than replica watches as these use cheaper materials.

Official warranty

Because the price is relatively expensive, original watch manufacturers usually provide a variety of exclusive services to their customers. One of the many services it offers is product warranties. If during the warranty time the watch is broken, the customer can repair their watch for free. The warranty period for a product usually varies from one to three years.

Design and finishing.

It’s easy to distinguish the how meticulously and with standards original watches are. It’s like every gold you see took years to build in there. The finishing is also flawless and perfect.

But it does not mean that replicas aren’t built in good shape and standards too— they are. Basing on the original as a standard, replica watches are built with keen attention to details making sure that there are minimal to no chances of differences. That’s the art behind original watches.

Style always matters a lot and to look good you don’t have to spend every penny from your pocket. You can choose to be smart and rather than looking for some big brand buy First Copy Watches. Their authencity, design is similar and is made according to the features of the original one. Buying First Copy Watches is safe and anyone can wear despite of the gender as they are available for all. So, without wasting any time buy your First copy watch now and show the world that you don’t have to be rich to look good because personality is what matters a lot and First Copy Watches are the solution and alternative.

Rolex full range of styles—— part2

In the last issue, we talked about the classic series of Rolex, so today we will summarize the Professional Series:


The first thing to say must be the Rolex Submariner. Introduced in 1953, because the Submariner is water resistant to 100 meters. It is the most iconic dive watch. Today, the Submariner is water resistant to 300 meters. Very professional and the most famous diving watch in the world!

Cosmogaph Daytona:

The Daytona is one of the most famous chronographs. It used to be the series with the fastest increase in the market and the series with the largest decline recently. Introduced in 1963, the Cosmograph Daytona features three chronograph sub-dials designed for the timing needs of racers. In the early twentieth century, Daytona, Florida was the racing capital and the inspiration for the Rolex Daytona name.


Going down the sea and climbing the mountain, Rolex’s professional series also has a pilot watch, but the AirKing series is relatively less popular, probably because although it is a pilot’s watch, this watch is nothing special. Features designed solely for pilots. At present, there is only one choice in this series: an Oystersteel case with a diameter of 40 mm, equipped with a black dial, and I personally feel that the green second hand is still very beautiful.

GMT Masters:

Another Rolex watch that is popular in half the sky, the most famous red and blue color is commonly known as the Coke ring
The second-generation GMT features a rotatable two-tone bezel, additional GMT hands, and two individually adjustable hands that allow the GMT to display both the origin and destination time. The bezel is divided into two parts, one half is red for day and the other half is blue for night. In addition to the most classic red and blue color matching, GMT now has a variety of colors to choose from, and the colors play a more decorative role. After all, good looks are the most important.

Sea Dweller:

The sea-dweller type is the most professional diving watch in the Rolex series, and its water resistance is superior to all other Rolex series. Introduced in 1967, the Rolex Sea-Dweller was water-resistant to 1,220 meters, while the Rolex Deep-Dive launched in 2008 was water-resistant to 3,900 meters. In 2014, the collection also launched a model with a D-Blue gradient blue-black dial, commemorating James Cameron’s feat of diving into the 11,000-meter Mariana Trench. The waterproof ability is great, but the case of this series is very thick, which reduces the wearing comfort in a straight line.

Is the old Rolex worth buying?

Many people wonder if the old Rolex is still valuable now, and is anyone wearing it? That’s because Rolex opened the way in China a long time ago, so whether it is a brand counter or a second-hand watch recycling market, Rolex has always been enduring. A long time ago, Rolex was also available to the rich, and Rolex genuine watches Prices have always been low. So no matter before or now, people who can afford Rolex are definitely not poor.

People who can afford old Rolex are also very rich. Rolex watches are of good quality and will not break after wearing for a long time, so many people can keep them for a long time without breaking. However, with the continuous improvement of Rolex technology, the old Rolex watch may still have some shortcomings compared with the current one, so the old Rolex watch may have some small problems, and someone will take it to repair. As we all know, already repaired watches are not worth that much money.
There are still many people who are curious about the price of genuine Rolex watches. After all, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong watches. Rolex is very famous. There must be a lot of fakes out there. We can see many people on the street wearing watches that look like Rolex watches. In fact, they are just shells. Now fake watches are rampant, you must be careful when buying watches. If you buy a fake watch as a real watch, you will be deceived.

Actually, is an old Rolex worth it? There are not many people who wear old Rolex now, so old Rolex is also scarce in the market. There are still many people who like old Rolex. If it is not damaged and preserved in Rolex, it is worthwhile. The price of old Rolex watches also depends on the style and style. Save the state. After all, it’s hard to tell if a watch is old or new. If well preserved, the price is still quite impressive.

Rolex couple models recommended

From its birth to the present for more than a century, Rolex has been pursuing the excellence of its products. At the same time, it is also innovating its products again and again. The Rolex couple series is the product of innovation. The editor will introduce you to a pair of elegant, dazzling and exquisite Rolex couple watches.

Man Datejust II

The birth of the Datejust II watch adds a new dimension to the legendary Datejust watch collection. Designed for those who dare to combine extraordinary innovation with timeless classics, showing an unparalleled new look on the wrist.
The 41mm large dial shows the majestic momentum. The dark gray dial design highlights the stable temperament, with a triangular pit outer ring, and the Roman numeral hour edge is wrapped in Rolex’s iconic green, showing a modern atmosphere and unique personality. Equipped with an Oyster bracelet with extension links and an Oysterclasp, it combines charm and comfort. The 18ct yellow gold case now features a new champagne-coloured dial set with 8 baguette diamonds and two baguette rubies at 6 and 9 o’clock. It also features a sparkling bezel set with 80 square diamonds. The sparkling gems and the polished gold complement each other, adding a graceful air to this free-spirited and charismatic watch.

Lady Datejust

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Datejust follows the classic design and ingeniously innovates. It is studded with sparkling diamonds. Its charm is not afraid of the test of time.
The women’s model is made of 18ct yellow gold, the new shimmering bezel is set with 48 diamonds, while the new champagne dial is set with 8 diamonds, and the two Arabic numeral hour markers at 6 and 9 o’clock are made of 18ct yellow gold, each set with 16 rubies. The watch has a Rolex exclusive gold crystal dial, which delicately interprets the beauty of women and is the focus of the watch. The material of the dial uniquely releases the natural crystal charm within the gold. When the light hits the dial, this noble material will cast its magic, emitting a dreamlike brilliant light, dazzling and dazzling, showing the magnificent temperament of the watch.