Casio fake watches G-Shock series

The new Gravitymaster watch is actually made up of two types of carbon fiber: the case is made of a carbon composite with a fine textured pattern, while the bezel and dial are made of carbon fiber woven polymer. The bezel is made up of 52 layers of carbon fiber material, and the texture effect may be somewhat outdated. After all, most brands now prefer marble or wood grain appearance. All other metal parts of the watch, such as crowns, buttons and screws, are made of titanium. Like most G-Shock analog pointer watches, it displays a lot of information through the dial, sub-dial and sub-dial. Although it may seem complicated, it will be very convenient after you get used to it.
In the field of multi-functional combination, G-Shock is difficult to beat, and now through the G-Shock Connected program (Bluetooth connection), it makes the adjustment process more unprecedented. Some countries, including China and the United States, can also achieve simultaneous docking through radio wave signals.

In addition to time, this replica watch also features date, week, remaining memory, world time, day and night indication, alarm, timekeeping and even countdown. Because it is designed for pilots, its timing function is flyback, meaning that it can be started, stopped and zeroed with just one button.
Like many of the current G-Shock replica watches, this Gravitymaster is also solar-powered. It can operate for 5 months when fully used, and can be extended to 18 when operating in power-saving mode. month
Due to the reduction in size and weight, the feel of this fake watch is much more comfortable than ever, and it is even more intense for watchmakers who often wear mechanical watches. The new Gravitymaster fake watch has become more like an ordinary watch than ever before. It no longer has such a strong “toy” atmosphere, but it is still the perfect partner for every man who is always a teenager.