Explain Replica Rolex Watch Size

There are many series of Rolex watches, and there are men and women watches. Sports watches include GMT-Master II, Sea-Dweller, Sky-Dweller, Yacht-Master, Daytona and more. The dress watch has Cellini, the women’s watch has Lady-Datejust, Oyster Perpetual and so on. When choosing a Rolex watch, you have to look at not only the appearance but also the watch size. Today we will come together to understand the replica Rolex watch size.

Replica Rolex watch size 26mm Oyster Perpetual 176200

Replica Rolex watch size 44mm Yacht-Master II 116680

Oyster Perpetual has a minimum replica Rolex watch size of 26MM. Sea-Dweller and Yacht-Master II have the largest replica Rolex watch size of 44MM. Rolex watches come in a total of 12 sizes, in addition to 26 and 44MM, there are 28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, 37mm, 39mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 43mm. Especially 39 to 44MM, there is a style every 1MM. In order to meet the needs of different wearers, replica Rolex watches have different sizes for each series.

Sports Watch Size: 39-44MM

In fact, the replica Rolex watch size of 37 to 44MM in 12 sizes can be used for sports watches. The 37MM Rolex watch is suitable for women or men with thin wrists. Replica Rolex Watch sizes from 39 to 44 mm are more common in sports watches. Next is the sorting of the size of each series of replica Rolex watches.
39MM: Oyster Perpetual, Explorer, Cellini
40mm: Yacht-Master, Submariner, Sky-Dweller, GMT-Master II, Cosmograph Daytona, Milgauss, Explorer, Sea-Dweller
41mm: Datejust
42mm: Explorer II, Explorer
43mm: Sea-Dweller
44mm: Sea-Dweller, Yacht-Master

Oyster Perpetual And Datejust Are Available In Five Sizes


Oyster Perpetual

The largest replica Rolex watch sizes are Oyster Perpetual and Datejust. The Oyster Perpetual is available in 26mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 39mm options. The Datejust is available in 28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 41mm sizes. Buyers can try and compare these subtle dimensional differences to find the right replica Rolex watch size for them.

Dress Watch Cellini

Replica Rolex watch size 39mm Cellini

The functionality of Cellini is also slowly increasing. But the replica Cellini watch size is 39MM. Cellini’s watch size has been kept below 40mm. Because if it is more than 40mm, the elegant temperament of the formal watch may be reduced. It can be seen that the replica Rolex watch size has been carefully considered when formulating a different series of watches.

Yacht-Master Watch Size Expanded To 42MM

Replica Rolex watch size 37AND40mm Yacht-Master

Replica Rolex watch size 42mm Yacht-Master II 226659

Before 2019, the Yacht-Master watch size was only 37MM and 40MM. If you think these two sizes are not big enough, you can try the replica Rolex Yacht-Master 226659 from 2019, which has a 42mm watch size and a 3235 movement.

The Rolex watch has a minimum size of 26mm and a maximum size of 44mm. When you look at the ruler, you feel that there is no difference in 1MM. However, when you buy a watch, you will choose a watch that is suitable for you to wear because of 1MM. This just reflects the delicate mind of Rolex watchmaking.

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