Hot Issues And Evaluation Of The Replica Watches IWC Portuguese

The IWC Portuguese replica watch is most popular series, especially the Portuguese and Portuguese seven. Among them, it is favored by people for its cost-effective. Today I will share the hot issues about the IWC, most of the watch friends who like the Portuguese, what they want is the function of the upper and lower eyes and the practical operation of the buttons on the right. The overall replica watch is slightly sporty, and the matching effect is very fashionable. And It attracs countless watch friends. For replica watches, many replica manufacturers are keen to produce this watch, and some replica versions are of high quality, with a high return rate. There are also many replicas of other watches under the IWC brand. For the knockoff watches watch, some manufacturers have also improved the thickness, to be consistent with the original. Some will also reform the movement. In the past, the multifunctional 7750 movement was thick. This “thickness” would make the watch a far from the original. Therefore, some manufacturers try to thin the movement as much as possible. This article mainly analyzes many hot issues in the process of using the Portuguese meter in detail.

Hot Issues of IWC Replica

Q: Will the IWC replica sapphire mirror scratch?

A: The Portuguese is a blue-coated sapphire mirror, the blue film has the function of increasing permeability and anti-reflection. Of course the sapphire crystal of the watch is very scratch-resistant, but the watch cannot withstand heavy blows (drops and bumps). The watch must be cherished, and the watch is the best respect for the watch.

Q: Can the IWC replica wear swimming?

A: In terms of performance, the watch can be divided into diving watch, business watch, etc. However, for the Portuguese meter, the watch is a multi-function chronograph version. There are a lot of gaps in the three heads on the right side. It means that the watch is waterproof, never wear a bath for swimming; the so-called tens of meters waterproof does not mean that it can be dived for tens of meters, but refers to the maximum pressure that can withstand, 30M waterproof is life waterproof, everyone has to Pay attention to distinction.

Q: Is the sound of the IWCReplica back movement loud? Can it be handled?

A: The basic movement of the replica watch is the 7750 movement. The automatic wheel design of this movement is slippery, because the rotation of the automatic wheel can increase the kinetic energy savings of the watch. A watch that consumes energy has too many functions. Only by sliding the automatic wheel a little bit can the watch have sufficient kinetic energy. In order to eliminate the problem of a little louder sound, some watch friends have restricted the movement of the watch. But such an operation does not have a great effect on the watch. It also limits the movement. The so-called you can’t have your cake and eat it. If you like this watch, you have to accept its shortcomings.

Q: How to use the IWC Replica function

A: The right side is the function button, the top is the start and pause chronograph hand, and the bottom is the chronograph hand belonging to the button. Here you must pay attention, the chronograph hand is the longest fine hand, do not use the chronograph hand as the second hand, the second hand dial is the six o’clock position, and the twelve o’clock position is the chronograph (operating with the movement of the chronograph hand)

Q: Is the IWC Replica easy to break? Related precautions

A: The repair rate of chronograph watches is slightly higher than that of simple three-hand models. So there are a few details to pay attention. The first is not to open the chronograph function for a long time to increase the load on the movement. The second is to lay the watch flat when you are not wearing it. So that the movement will run naturally. The third is the most important point, which is the cherishment of the watch, cherishment is the realm of watch playing.

Summary: Today I made a brief explanation of IWC, and at the same time sorted out the hot issues of the overall watch. Thank you for watching.