How to solve the rolex watch water

We are inevitably in contact with water, so since everyone is using the watch, it must be on the body, so it will inevitably come into contact with water. Unless you always think about taking off the watch before touching the water, but it is obviously too difficult, then I will tell you how to solve the problem of water in the Rolex watch.

The first thing I want to tell you is that if you find water on your hands, the watch, even if it’s foggy, you should point out that you have water on your hands. surface. Often, even if the pointer watch is sealed, there is still a small gap in each joint of the case, especially in used watches with larger holes. Water can get into these pores when washing your hands and clothes or when it rains, especially when hot steam from the kitchen seeps into the case.

Another point is that the summer weather is hot and humid. Everyone loves an air-conditioned room. When the watch encounters a large temperature difference, the humid air in the watch will condense into fog or water droplets. Glass interior table. If there is water mist and water droplets on the watch, please check and repair it in time.

Typically, fewer watches go into water, and when our hands perform water-contact activities, water vapor can seep into the case from these holes. In addition, in summer, when the temperature and humidity are high, and the analog watch suddenly cools down, the moisture-rich air in the watch can condense into fog or water droplets and stick to the watch glass.

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope you can learn some methods after reading and master and apply them in your daily life. We suggest that you must develop a good use habit in normal times. It is best to seek professional help after the watch has a problem. Otherwise, it may become worse and worse if you operate it yourself.