2019 New Replica Rolex Main Push Watch Rolex Yacht-Master 42

Every time Rolex launches a new product, there will be an explosion. Today we look at the most popular styles of Replica Rolex in 2019.

Rolex Replica Yacht-Master 42

Special size

In 2019, Rolex launched the Replica Yacht-Master 42 watch. We must know that before this, the Yacht-Master series watches did not have 42-size. This 2019 is the first 42-size watch in the history of Yacht-Master. The circular logo representing the time in the dial is also scaled up, which makes the overall design look more comfortable. The 2019 Rolex Yacht-Master 42 is thinner than the 44mm deep sea and larger than the 40MM submariner. The thick bezel and large time markers give this watch a unique tough style.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master 42


Rolex is equipped with a new generation 3235 movement and a patented rubber strap. The exterior is an iconic yacht design, a practical style, and the exterior is an iconic yacht design that takes on a pragmatic style. Matte’s black ceramic bezel shows a special effect, the dial is black and white contrast, with a high degree of clarity and recognition. The material of the case is white gold, which makes the hands feel more natural and weighty.

Rolex Yacht Replica-Master 42

The 42MM design makes the Yacht-Master series even richer. The watch looks more understated and the overall design is rare in replica Rolex sports watches. Maybe you already have one or more Rolex sports watches, but this Rolex Yacht-Master 42 definitely has the urge to buy.

Replica Rolex AIR KING 114210 Watch

The origins of Replica Air-King can be traced back to 1930. There were many series of flying watches at the time, but now only the king series survived and is well known. The word “King” has a strong British symbol and reflects the origins of Air-king and the Battle of Britain.

replica rolex

The power reserve of the Replica Rolex AIR KING 114210 is about 48 hours. Inside the dial is the luminous scale and the minute hand, and the number 369 is the mark of the silver luminous.


Rolex AIR KING 114210 replica watches has a classic thirteen strokes, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, three-dimensional white dial, stainless steel case and chain, folding clasp. And its waterproof depth is 100 M.

AIR KING 114210 is simple, beautiful and worth every penny. It is a neutral watch that can be worn by both men and women. When you buy a replica Rolex watch, you know that you have something, both an investment and a fashion statement.

Bulgari LVCEA TUBOGAS replica watch

This year, Bulgari has added a new option to this collection, combining the famous Bulgari iconic Tubogas bracelet with the Lvcea collection to interpret the glamorous modern style.
This is the first time that the Lvcea series has introduced the Tubogas bracelet. The Lvcea series name is derived from the Latin word “light”, which symbolizes life and beauty. The Lvcea series ladies replica watches are specially designed for the charm of modern women, giving women a chic and elegant personality. charm.
The new Lvcea Tubogas halo fake watches are designed to give you a comfortable wearing experience. The Tubogas bracelet, which is a combination of many links, has a striking visual contrast with the round dial of the Lvcea watch, presenting a harmonious and harmonious beauty.
Bulgari has launched 5 new works. This fake watch is one of the most luxurious models. The 33 mm diameter case is made of luxurious and warm rose gold. The bezel and bracelet are set with several diamonds. , gorgeous.
The crown is inlaid with a convex egg-shaped cut pink gemstone, and the top of the crown is set with a diamond, showing the elegance and beauty of the luxury ladies watch.

The Tubogas process takes its name from a curved metal gas pipe installed at a lower position. The technology has been used in the field of jewelry making since the late 1940s. In the 1970s, the Tubogas process was reborn and was widely used in the design of Bulgari watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Today, Bulgari combines this traditional craft with the Lvcea collection to create an exciting wristpiece.
With its Italian-inspired design, the Lvcea Tubogas watch is full of glamorous artistic style, timeless fashion style, highlighting the rich character of the Bulgari watch, such as the halo.
Movement model: Calibre B77
Movement type: automatic machinery
Vibration frequency: 28800 oscillations per hour
Power reserve: 42 hours

Table diameter: 33 mm
Dial color: white
Dial shape: round
Strap color: gold
Back through: back through
Case material 18k rose gold, bezel set with diamonds (approx. 1.2 carats); lugs with 22 brilliant cut diamonds (approx. 0.4 carats)
Dial white mother-of-pearl dial with 11 brilliant-cut diamond hour markers
Crystal material sapphire crystal glass
Crown material 18K rose gold crown with convex egg face cut pink gemstone and decorated with brilliant cut diamonds
Strap material 18K rose gold Tubogas bracelet

Omega launches hippocampus series marine universe 600 meters to 臻 observatory replica watch

The hippocampus series of marine universe 600 meters to the enamel table with a new watchmaking process and cutting-edge design, has a charming brown appearance. As the name suggests, this watch has been upgraded to the Observatory’s watch, adhering to the high standards of watchmaking industry issued by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), and also the first women’s wrist to receive this certification. table.
Through the sapphire transparent case back, the wearer can get a close look at the new 8801 calibre carried by this replica watches, and the operation of the oscillating weight made of 18K SednaTM gold is clearly visible.
In fact, this is the first time that Omega has applied 18K SednaTM gold to the hippocampus series of marine cosmic watches. This innovative material is also embedded in the watch case, hands, scales and strap folding of this watch. buckle.

Perfect representation of metal numbers and diving scales
In order to perfectly match the soft pinkish red tone of 18K SednaTM gold, fake watches
Omega has innovatively introduced a chocolate brown ceramic dial and bezel. The chocolate brown is full of glamour, giving the hippocampus a new aesthetic of the Ocean Cosmic Watch. Omega’s unique CeragoldTM innovation process perfectly presents metal numbers and diving scales on the bezel.

Perfect blend of sporty and comfortable experiences
The 39.5 mm dial diameter is slightly wider than the previous part, but the case is lighter and thinner. The undulating pattern on the back of the watch presents subtle and fascinating changes, which enhances the aesthetics of the entire watch.

This soft chocolate brown fake watch is paired with a brown leather strap and the inside of the strap is made of rubber for a dynamic blend of comfort and comfort.

Omega replica watch hippocampus series 300 ⁠ m diving chronograph

Omega is the iconic sea⁠ Diving watch enthusiasts create a unique chronograph series ⁠, which is an innovative and fascinating product. OMEGA Omega Seahorse Diving 300m Watch After re-launching in 2018, due to the comprehensive evolution of specifications and the attractive price, it has become a high-profile diving watch on the market, and the brand has continued to launch a black ceramic shell in early 2019. The hippocampus dive 300 meters of new work, and at the recent Swatch Group co-sponsored new product presentation, replica watches Omega further plus the function of higher-order hippocampus diving 300 meters chronograph.
The hippocampus diving 300 meters chronograph is a bit like last year’s three-pin style, including stainless steel, half-gold, blue, black and gray, and there are plenty of choices in terms of appearance and price. For example, this stainless steel, 18K SednaTM gold half-gold model, in addition to the bezel 18K SednaTM, including the crown, timing button and drain valve are also using the same precious metal material, but in order to improve Durability, the brand is actually added to the ceramic part of the timing button, so the half-gold color tone looks quite diverse.

Each ceramic faceplate is adorned with a laser-engraved wavy pattern and features a geometric time stamp with Super-LumiNova Ultra Night Coating ⁠. The 18K SednaTM gold bezel on the watch is also covered with ceramic material and CeragoldTM porcelain gold diving scale. Similarly, the material of the dial is also made of ceramic. Omega uses laser to engrave the wave pattern on it. The movements are different, so the fake watches  hippocampus 300m chronograph has a diameter of 44mm, which is slightly larger than the diameter of the three-needle model, so it also allows the dial to have more space to accommodate the display of the timing function, including 9 There is a small seconds in the direction of the point, a coaxial timing/score in the 3 o’clock direction, and the date display is still set at 6 o’clock. The chronograph model also uses the geometric shape luminous time scale, but since the small dial occupies a certain space of the face plate, the rectangular time scales at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock directions have to be reduced, but they still exist and have the same luminous materials. To ensure that the reading effect in the dark is not affected.
The new 9900 movement was previously used in the Supermaster Racing Master Observatory watch and the Hippocampus Planet Ocean 600-meter watch. The movement features a column wheel and coaxial escapement, following Omega and traditional chronographs. Tabulation elements.

Seahorse diving 300 meters chronograph because of the variety of styles, so the price comparison and selectivity also has a subtle place, the series is the most introduced stainless steel case with rubber strap, the price is about 53000, and like this half gold The price of the tape is RMB 108,000. Other half-gold chain belts or watches are pureer for SednaTM gold. Therefore, the half-gold matching tape style has a relatively high CP value in this family. The advantage is also to add a very competitive new work to the new 2019 diving watch.
300m diving watch
Omega coaxial to 臻 Observatory chronograph watch 44 mm model:
Movement: Omega 9900 self-winding coaxial chronograph movement with longitudinal wheel timing. The Swiss Federal Measurement Institute (METAS) is certified to the Observatory’s movement to withstand strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss. Silicon spring, two serial barrels, time zone function. Central hour hand, minute hand and chronograph second hand, small seconds hand, 12 hour chronograph small dial and 60 minute chronograph small dial. The rhodium-plated finish is finished with an Arabian-inspired Geneva ripple. Power reserve: 60 hours
Mirror arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective wear-resistant sapphire glass crystal watch case and dial
Case: Stainless Steel Case – Sedna® K Gold Case
Case diameter: 44 mm Dial color: Black Water resistance 30 atmospheres (300 m / 1000 ft)
Anti-magnetic Ceragold chronograph function Approved by the Swiss Official Observatory Date Display Drain gas valve Screw-in crown Small seconds dial Transparent back unidirectional rotating bezel

Omega Speedmaster Series “Dark Side of the Moon” Apollo 8 replica watch

On December 21, 1968, the Apollo 8 spacecraft first sent humans to the nearest place on the moon and completed a round-the-moon voyage. In order to commemorate the feat of humanity, Omega released the Superbike Apollo 8 commemorative watch, which is called “the dark side of the moon.” This watch debuted at the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show in 2018. This is a special model made by Omega. It is numbered 311. and features a ceramic case and a black dial with a dark side of the moon and a yellow chronograph hand.
On December 21, 50, 50 years ago, Apollo 8 carried astronauts James Lovell, Frank Borman and William Anders from the Earth, flying around the moon for ten laps and then returning. This is the second manned space flight in the Polo plan. Apollo 8 not only saw the dark side of the moon, but also saw the rise of the earth from the moon’s direction (according to Anders on the eve of Christmas 1968) . This is a landmark moment in space travel, which will help to provide a viable basis for humans to truly land on the moon. Although the final landing on the Apollo 11 spacecraft, Apollo 8 first venture into the unknown space space (Apollo 8 is the first manned spacecraft to leave the Earth’s orbit), because of the load The first step of human lunar exploration is forever in history.
 Replica watches Omega’s “Dark Side of the Moon” Apollo 8 is the result of this watch, the watch case is all black ceramic, width 44.25mm, thickness 12 mm, length between the ears is 49 mm, watch The overall size is large, but it is comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Careful look at the dial and movement of the Apollo 8 fake watches can quickly reveal the difference between them and the brothers. The disk surface of the Apollo 8 fake watch is semi-hollowed. The black part that is not hollowed out is the laser image on the surface of the moon. The chronograph movement from the left to the right of the two to three points is hollowed out. Turning the watch over, the large sapphire glass highlights the Omega Calibre 1861 hand-wound chronograph movement used in the Apollo 8 watch. The bridge also uses the same lunar surface as the disc surface, the dark texture matches the metallic silver, and the ruby ​​bearing and various metal cams and hairsprings are the highlights.
Although Omega usually uses a more advanced 9300 coaxial movement in the moon’s dark-faced watch, using the traditional Speedmaster movement is an interesting gimmick for Speedmaster. As an original professional lunar watch, the 1861 looks very cool, with this light and dark contrast design. Omega is a bold attempt, as a model to pay tribute to Apollo 8, and as a mere watch, it is a hybrid of several stages – traditional and modern background in this It is reflected on the watch.
At the same time, the Apollo 8 watch is very easy to read, especially the chronograph elements use bright yellow. The outer ring of the dial has the right ceramic speed measuring instrument ring, and the dial details and contrast level are excellent, especially without leaving the root of the super design. At first glance, this is more like a racing watch, probably because of the bright yellow color of the disk and the matching strap.
Although the 1861 chronograph movement is not as technologically advanced as the 9300 calibre of other brother models, it can be cooler and more enjoyable. For example, the Apollo 8 is not only engraved on the bottom of the shell, but it is December 1968. The words are also engraved with “We will see you on the other side”, which was said when Jim Lovell was transmitted back to Earth by radio. After that, Apollo 8’s communication was blocked by their path around the moon. .
The Apollo 8 is paired with a yellow pin and a perforated leather strap that looks like a rubbery feel and feels comfortable. Although it looks very hard at first sight, this material does fit well and actually feels better than other leather straps in this price range. When viewed in daylight, the ceramic case is very shiny, and the matte-finished dial makes the watch look exceptionally delicate. This is definitely stronger than other dark-faced watches.

Casio fake watches G-Shock series

The new Gravitymaster watch is actually made up of two types of carbon fiber: the case is made of a carbon composite with a fine textured pattern, while the bezel and dial are made of carbon fiber woven polymer. The bezel is made up of 52 layers of carbon fiber material, and the texture effect may be somewhat outdated. After all, most brands now prefer marble or wood grain appearance. All other metal parts of the watch, such as crowns, buttons and screws, are made of titanium. Like most G-Shock analog pointer watches, it displays a lot of information through the dial, sub-dial and sub-dial. Although it may seem complicated, it will be very convenient after you get used to it.
In the field of multi-functional combination, G-Shock is difficult to beat, and now through the G-Shock Connected program (Bluetooth connection), it makes the adjustment process more unprecedented. Some countries, including China and the United States, can also achieve simultaneous docking through radio wave signals.

In addition to time, this replica watch also features date, week, remaining memory, world time, day and night indication, alarm, timekeeping and even countdown. Because it is designed for pilots, its timing function is flyback, meaning that it can be started, stopped and zeroed with just one button.
Like many of the current G-Shock replica watches, this Gravitymaster is also solar-powered. It can operate for 5 months when fully used, and can be extended to 18 when operating in power-saving mode. month
Due to the reduction in size and weight, the feel of this fake watch is much more comfortable than ever, and it is even more intense for watchmakers who often wear mechanical watches. The new Gravitymaster fake watch has become more like an ordinary watch than ever before. It no longer has such a strong “toy” atmosphere, but it is still the perfect partner for every man who is always a teenager.

Rolex fake watch 116000-0011 type constant motion

In 1931, Rolex created and patented a self-winding pendulum device called “Permanently Moving”. The technical principles of this invention are more widely used throughout the watchmaking industry. The f-style fake watches and the later renamed OysterPerpetual have since been found on the surface of all watch collections (except for finely decorated or gem-set watches), indicating that the watch is waterproof and equipped with automatic winding movement.
Rolex uses 904L stainless steel to forge stainless steel replica watches. 904L stainless steel is widely used in high technology, aviation and chemical industry, so it must have high corrosion resistance. This superalloy is not only extremely durable and easy to polish but even in the most extreme environments, its beauty remains undiminished. As a result, Rolex has created a perfect watch with 904L stainless steel and precious metals.

Replica watch Rolex’s history is inextricably linked to its visionary and pioneering founder Hans Wilsdorf. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the pocket watch was still quite popular, the young man had already joined the Swiss watchmaking industry and conceived wearing a watch.
Although the accuracy of the watch at the time was not sufficient, Hans Wilsdorf was able to predict that the watch not only showed an elegant style but also was accurate and reliable. In order to convince the public that his innovative timepieces are equally accurate, he specially equipped the watch with a compact, precise movement made by a watch company based in Biel, Switzerland.
The watch incorporates more innovative technologies, such as a movement with an automatic winding and constant motion. These innovative inventions have combined to create the legendary character of the Oyster watch, which has created the outstanding reputation of Rolex, and many innovative inventions have set a new standard for the watch industry.

Waterproof performance
The enamel case is water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) and its unique mid-surface case is cast from a single piece of 904L stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance.
The triangular bottom cover is screwed tightly by the special tools of the Rolex watchmaker to completely seal the case. The winding crown features a patented double-lock waterproof system that securely tightens on the case. The enamel case gives the precision Rolex movement the most precise protection against water, dust, pressure, and impact.
Watch case movement strap
Watch case
36 mm, stainless steel
Oyster case structure
Middle case, screw-in bottom cover, and winding crown
Diameter: 36 mm
Material: 904L stainless steel
Outer ring: round arch
Winding crown: screw-in double-lock double waterproof system
Glass: anti-scratch blue crystal
Waterproof performance: waterproof up to 100 meters / 330 feet movement
Movement: self-winding mechanical constant engine core Rolex 3130 movement
Performance: central hour, minute and second hand; second-hand pause function for accurate adjustment time
Winding: two-way automatic winding by constant action oscillating weight
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Accuracy: within plus or minus two seconds per day (after the movement is loaded into the case) strap
three-row chain
Strap material: 904L stainless steel
Buckle: buckle
Dial: black, digital hour markers
Certification: Top-level observatory precision timepiece, certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Test Center (COSC) and certified by Rolex after assembly
Oyster constant design style
The Oyster Perpetual Watch has become a symbol of the recognized elegance with its extraordinary aesthetic design. The watch not only has a classic appearance and excellent functions but also inherits the origin of the Rolex pioneer innovation, showing the simplicity of the original watch.

Sharing the “beauty” of love, “beauty” engraving, Swiss beauty replica watch table 5•20 recommended

5.20 is a festival that has been given a unique meaning. People usually regard it as “the third Valentine’s Day” and take this opportunity to express their love to their partners and enjoy the feeling of having a future after they have each other. The combination of two independent individuals is an all-encompassing story. When you first see it, you will have a hard time. When you have a passion, you will have a hard time, you will have a lifelong commitment, and you will have a common life. The luckiest thing in life is that you can share it with another person every moment, and bravely express your love for those around you. It is the best response to TA. Regardless of the time, it is time for the TA to understand your love and gratitude on May 20th.
There are countless wonderful scenes in each person’s life. The most evocative is the scene with the partner’s first knowledge. It may be her skirt swaying under the sycamore tree. It may be his exciting dunk on the basketball court. The joy of being young may be so simple and pure. Until the two met for the first time to the beach, looking into the deep sea, making vows to each other, you finally have the courage to express your heart to the TA, then the love of the sea is like the flood of love, you are tight Closely embrace each other and promise that every minute and every second will accompany each other. At this time, with the Swiss replica watches, the Belem Seri “Midnight Blue” series of couples is the most suitable for commemorating this moment of heart.

Swiss fake watches BARONCELLI series “Midnight Blue” long-moving automatic mechanical men’s watch, accompanied by the gentle feeling of the gentle, add a bright spot for the couple’s sweet atmosphere, setting the atmosphere for a wonderful date. Mercerized polished “midnight blue” dial with a diameter of 38mm, with a PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case, highlighting the bright and sunny temperament. The date window in the dial is between 4 and 5 o’clock, the scale is PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel, the hour and minute hands are too long hands, and the diamond-cut second hand. Water resistant to 50 meters. With a brown calf leather rolled crocodile leather strap, and PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel folding clasp, giving a precious selection of carefully selected texture, meaning the heart of the couple, love than Jin Jian.
Swiss beauty fake watch BARONCELLI series “Midnight Blue” long moving real diamond ladies watch, the watch is small and slender, to the gentle and graceful girl with a tough temperament, elegantly decorated for the tall girl, with PVD Rose gold-plated stainless steel case, 29 mm in diameter, consisting of 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire glass mirror; transparent back to observe its carefully carved movement, the subtle point of view, The engraved serial number is water-resistant to 50 meters, perfect for daily waterproofing needs.

Panerai replica watch PAM00112

The men’s Luminor Base PAM00112 is a large, solid 44 mm round case and fixed bezel. It is made of a high quality AISI 316L stainless steel with a delicate brushed and polished finish. Both sides are world class 3.5 mm. Thick sapphire crystal glass covers for enhanced anti-reflective coating. In addition to these “modern” materials, all the unique features of the original Panerai original Luminor Base, including a large, simple dial and a crown-protective device that shields the crown and makes it waterproof.

The replica watches feature a highly reliable movement inside the watch, developed by the watchmaker in accordance with the Swiss watchmaking tradition. It is the Panerai OP X movement, a highly accurate manual winding mechanism with 17 jewels, Glucydur balance, Incabloc shock mount and Swan’s neck adjuster, generating 21,600 half-oscillations per hour and providing 56 hours of power is reserved for full wind. Its function is displayed through the watch’s black sandwich dial and black hands, as well as the considerable wooden sticks and Arabic numerals, all of which are coated with SuperLuminova, making it easy to read even in the dark or underwater.

Despite having a transparent bottom cover, this gentleman’s fake watches Panerai PAM00112 is not too light. This watch is not only 30 or 50 meters, but has a pleasant 300 meters waterproof function, suitable for swimming, snorkeling and even diving. However, it may be a bit of a controversy, as this fake watch comes standard with a luxurious leather strap instead of rubber or stainless steel. but it does not matter. This soft, sturdy bracelet features a black design that is bold and elegant with a buckle closure.

For those looking for a classic minimalist timepiece, this mid-end luxury watch is absolutely ok. It is not only stylish, but also durable, practical and reliable, which is worthwhile for quality products.

Watch specifications

Watch style: gentleman, casual wear, classic
Display Type: Analog
Sports: Swiss manual wounds
Panerai OP X Calibre. The interior was developed by Panerai and is based on the ETA 6497 movement. Made in Switzerland, mechanical hand-wound movement.

Function: hands. Dimensions: 161⁄2″” lignes (36.6 mm diameter), thickness ± 4.5 mm. 17 gems. Beat at 21,600 vph (3 Hz). Provides a power reserve of ±56 hours.

With Glucydur balance, Nivarox I balance spring, Incabloc anti-shock device, “Swan neck” adjusts the effective length of the hairspring. The CôtesdeGenève decoration is adorned on the bridge and blue screws.
Function: hour, minute
Dial: Black
Panerai’s black sandwich dial. SuperLuminova is painted with black hands. Glowing sticks and Arabic hour markers.

Window: Sapphire Crystal
3.5 mm thick. Scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating.

Case: AISI 316L stainless steel
Round, 44 mm in diameter. ±15 mm thick. Light

Bezel: AISI 316L stainless steel
Fixed baffle. polishing.

Bottom cover: see, pass
Screw-in stainless steel, sapphire display. engraved.

Crown: Screw the crown
stainless steel. Groove. Protected by the trademark leverage mechanism.

Bracelet: leather calfskin
Black, embellished with tonal splicing and stamped. ±24 mm wide. The standard of men.

Clasp: Tang buckle
Distinctive features: Luminous hands and markers
Transparent exhibition bottom cover
Waterproof: 300 meters (30 ATM / 1000 feet)
Suitable for swimming, snorkeling, diving and diving.