New Panerai Luminor Fake Submersible 42mm PAM00683 & PAM00959 Watches 2019

In 2019, Panerai has quite a few new Submersible watches, of course includes a series of limited editions. Every new Submersible watches represent a great look and size. The Panerai Luminor fake Submersible 42mm dive watches that we have here today is the most basic of all the new Submersibles presented in 2019.

Two References

The newest 2019 Submersible 42mm like 2017 Submersible 42mm is available in two references. Panerai Luminor fake Submersible 42mm PAM00959 with the grey-dialed version and blue ceramic bezel, and Panerai Luminor fake Submersible 42mm PAM00683 with while the black-dialed variation and black ceramic bezel insert. These two references can be seen on black or blue rubber flex straps. The black-dial is much more classic, but the grey dial is a very appealing design. The date window and stopwatch dial here seem to get it right. And they’re unobtrusive yet legible. Round and stick hour markers with plenty of lume filling, that can ensure legibility at night and when deep diving.


As a tool watch fake designed for diving, the 42mm case is made of 316L Stainless Steel and completely brushed finished. The 6 and 12 which are featured as single and double sticks but other hour markers are huge dots filled. And all markers with a generous amount of Superluminova. But there are no 3 and 9 markers, because the spaces are replaced by the date window, and the subsidiary seconds sub-dial. In short, the Panerai fake Luminor Submersible 42mm PAM00683 and PAM00959 feature a dial which is the epitome of clarity and legibility.


These two Panerai Luminor fake Submersible watches have all the classic Luminor traits. Such as patented crown protection device; cushion case; rotating dive bezel. But they also feature some modern aesthetic touches, such as the P.9010 movement with a power reserve of 3 days. Panerai Luminor fake Submersible 42mm PAM00683 & PAM00959 watches come with a screw-down back that enables 300 meters of water resistance. The quick-release system buttons under the lugs make something easier.

These two new 42mm Submersibles succeed the Luminor Submersible 42mm PAM00682 (which purched in 2017) in terms of size, aesthetics, and functionality. The Submersible 42mm is the smallest of the new Submersible models, which has relaunched as its own line. If someone doesn’t want a 47+mm behemoth on his wrist will undoubtedly appreciate the 42mm Submersible.

Replica Panerai Radiomir PAM00687 With Vintage Brown Dial

Replica Panerai watches have different characteristics, designs and sizes. But when choosing a watch, most men choose a watch with a larger diameter. Because big enough watches have enough domineering and arrogance. A large watch can show its beauty even when it is not worn on the wrist.

replica Panerai Radiomir PAM00687

Gradient Brown Dial

The story begins with the invention of radium luminous materials. This is one of the patents of the Panerai brand. Radium is the inspiration for the design of replica Panerai Radiomir PAM00687. Due to the instability of radium, the luminous coating starts to change color after a long time. It even spreads to the dial. Because of this accident, Panerai made a brand new gradient brown dial. This brown dial is also a tribute to this patent.


Panerai replica Radiomir PAM00687

Replica Panerai Radiomir PAM00687 is one of the new watches of 2017. It changed the design style of previous years. The brand name is engraved on the bezel of PAM00687. The bezel is not a smooth circle but an angular circle. Gradient brown dial with three-dimensional hour markers. This makes reading time easier. In addition, this replica watch comes with a dark brown leather strap. The thick leather strap makes it a solid watch.


Panerai Radiomir PAM00687 replica

Replica Panerai Radiomir PAM00687 is equipped with a P.3000 movement. P.3000 movement has a 72-hour power reserve value. At the same time, this replica Panerai watch has a device for quickly adjusting the time. This device allows the hour hand to move back and forth in units of an hour. The hour hand does not affect the movement of the minute hand.

Retro watch design and classic and outstanding watch functions, plus 3 days of power. Overall, this is a practical vintage new Panerai watch. Every detail of the watch shows the essential charm of men.

Top 6 of Diving Replica Watches. Wear It, You Are A Star.

We all know that every watch has a waterproof function. Of course, the watch in everyday style is not deep in water. Today I will introduce six popular diving watches.

1、Rolex Submariner 116610LV & DeepSea 116660

replica Rolex Submariner 116610LVThe Rolex Submariner 116610LV is probably a replica watch that everyone wants. Because of its higher and higher prices, many people can’t afford it. And 116610LV is a watch that can’t be bought with money. Because the number of 116610LV is limited, and there are too many people waiting in line. If you already have this limited edition watch, there are definitely many people who envy you.

replica Rolex DeepSea 116660 replica Rolex Submariner 116610LN
Since the Rolex Submariner 116610LV is so hard to buy, we can consider the Rolex DeepSea 116660. The Rolex DeepSea 116660 and the Rolex Submariner 116610LV are also diving watches. 116660 is cheaper and easier to buy.
The dial of the Rolex Submariner 116610LV is 40MM, and the dial of the DeepSea 116660 is 4 mm larger than the 116610LV. So the time scale of 116660 has also become larger, and the time is easier to read. 116660 is thicker than 116610LV. That is because the corresponding waterproof layout inside has deepened the dial. The Waterproof depth of the Rolex Submariner 116610LV is 300 meters, while the depth of the DeepSea 116660 is 3900 meters. This is a surprising depth. The Rolex Submariner 116610LV is suitable for all occasions. DeepSea 116660 is not suitable for everyday use, it is more suitable for wearing on the beach.

In general, the choice of the wrist is the Rolex Submariner 116610LV or 116610LN (more readily available). The thick wrist is selected DeepSea 116660.

2、Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is a luxurious but understated diving watch. Probably because of its luxury, there are not many people who know it. The price of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is higher than the price of the replica Rolex watch. This collection has a transparent bottom, the Bathyscaphe bezel is narrower and the time scale is smaller. And its appearance is more like a business watch. Fifty Fathoms is more versatile and suitable for every day and work.

3、Omega Seamaster 600M

replica Omega Seamaster 600M

Rolex Submariner, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and Omega Seamaster are known as world-class three luxury dive watches. They were all born in the 1950s. Submariner is the star of the watch world, and Fifty Fathoms’s cold temperament is more like a big brother. Only the Omega Seahorse is a young man. The all-steel body, the tip of the orange pointer, the feeling of the sunny beach island. The Replica Omega Seamaster is a series that is comparable to Rolex. Men prefer to wear Rolex watches, and women prefer to wear Omega watches. The Omega Seamaster 600M uses a liquid cermet bezel and uses a color rubber injection technique in the 1/4 part of the bezel. So Omega’s bezel is more refined than Blancpain. The Omega Seamaster 600M uses an 8900 caliber with 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic.

4、Panerai Luminor

replica Panerai Luminor

Panerai has worked with the Italian Navy and Rolex. After the cooperation, the large crown of the semicircular guard bridge became the symbol of Panerai. I think this round crown makes the watch look more cumbersome. Replica Panerai also has a homemade movement and RADIOMIR patented luminous. These reflect the precision machinery and superior quality of Panerai. On the waterproof device, the Panerai Luminor is also very unique in its design, using a special lever principle. Panerai Luminor is more popular with young people.

5、Seiko SBDX001

replica Seiko SBDX001

Seiko is not a Swiss brand, it is a brand in Japan. Compared to the above brands, Seiko is a cheap brand. Seiko SBDX001 is a cost-effective replica watch. The market price of the Rolex Submariner 116610LV is three times that of the Seiko SBDX001. Both watches are water-resistant to 300 meters. The movements of both watches are exquisite. However, Seiko SBDX001 is superior in waterproof, shockproof, temperature and antimagnetic. But Rolex’s craft is definitely the first.

6、Longines Hydro Conquest

replica Longines Hydro Conquest

Longines Hydro Conquest is definitely a watch that ordinary people can buy. Longines has a high reputation internationally. The price is basically around 10,000. And the Longines diving watch collection is more and more beautiful. The new Longines Hydro Conquest adds a ceramic ring. Be aware that ceramic rings are commonly used on high-end watches like Rolex. Longines Hydro Conquest’s style is more and more like Rolex. Longines Hydro Conquest’s L888.2 movement also features a standard shock absorber for the Omega coaxial movement – ​​the new NIVACHOC shock absorber. In the ranks of 10,000-priced watches, Longines Hydro Conquest is unparalleled.

Ok, here are the six diving replica watches that I have organized from luxury to price/performance. Which one do you want to wear when you are on vacation?

Replica Panerai Watch Sell 100% Made In Switzerland

Panerai itself is a military watch, the first for the Italy Navy production timing tool for decades, for many years as a military factory has been regarded as a military secret, until the beginning of 1990s, Luminor appeared a series of watches at the 9 o’clock position with small seconds disc, fake Panerai is famous, known to all of the world. Over the years, Panerai replica has become a world-renowned sports watch brand by combining Italy’s design, Swiss tabulation technology and its love for the ocean, with exquisite workmanship and distinctive style. It has become a favorite product of quality people.

Although it is not very hot, it is also a flat sales. But replica Panerai is the best artifact in the mind of the table fan, and playing replica watch is because he likes it. And not others, chasing away the new market. Panerai itself has its charm, and it can always be sought after by the masses. With its exquisite workmanship and distinctive style, it has successfully attracted the attention of many fans. Dial design fake watches material and creative all have a unique style, as in the past, equipped with mechanical movement of excellent performance, lightweight and elegant, exquisite workmanship, simple lines, simple wear and legible dial, case by AISI 316L stainless steel alloy, after polishing, has excellent corrosion resistance. The traditional welding wire made of the table is not the case and the case with the ear, but the integral casting, more solid, better waterproof. Buckle type adopts large original Panerai needle buckle, drawing fine grinding, lateral engraved with the Panerai brand logo.

Panerai replica has its unique and for many years did not change so as to be cited as a classic, because the volume is huge, table diameter is 44 mM to 47 mm and 60 mm, is impossible to hide in the sleeves, so you is wearing pretend bility, absolutely will be all to see; and shell these two types: simple support bridge Luminor, and did not support the bridge Radiomir, extremely simple but extremely good recognition, and the watches replica field and no second family any similar watch. So bigger than bigger, as long as you wear Panerai, it will certainly be recognized by everyone, “this is Panerai”, and will never make a mistake. It is also the leisure sport style wrist watch that everyone can drive in and out of any occasion.

A lot of Panerai in your heart will always be that some fat image, you can say it, and it can also be said wild. In fact, there are a lot of wonderful collocations in its slightly monotonous dial, which is the unique standard of Panerai fake. Both the unique design and exquisite workmanship, or brand history, relying on the continuous development of science and technology, fake Panerai will continue to new technology and various functions into the product design, it gives each one replica watch motion characteristics are presented in other countries are far behind the clock.

The Panerai of Italy design and perfect Swiss tabulation technology is rebuilt every year with its glorious history of 150 years. It creates a high performance timepiece with excellent performance, design aesthetics and complete functions. panerai replica watch will also be an excellent gift for you to express endless love and gratitude. May every second of life have extraordinary significance, and every meaningful moment has replica Panerai’s testimony, a happy time with your family and friends.