Replica watch Rolex 116610LN black water ghost feelings and experience

The Rolex Day-Date watch, which was introduced in 1956, achieved a remarkable innovation: it is available in 18ct gold or platinum and is the world’s first chronograph wristwatch with both a calendar window and a full-write week on the surface. The table, which was a great technical achievement at the time. As a model of the distinguished watch, the Day-Date is equipped with a headband strap, which has been favored by influential people since its inception. The Water Ghost series has always been a classic representative of Rolex, and its popularity has been enduring for many years.

Replica watches Rolex submersible 116610LN rotating ring watch, made of strong ceramics, has a strong corrosion resistance. The gear-shaped outer ring reinforces friction. The latest 904 L stainless steel case and strap, the 40 mm black dial is classic and stable. From the snake eye pointer to the Mercedes pin, the 11 time markers have a white luminous coating. The time is seen through the transparent sapphire crystal. The classic Rolex logo, to be honest, is like the five games in the crown of the spin. Its waterproofing further strengthens the table at the bottom of the compact. Classic oyster look with cool black ceramic watch ring This is a black water ghost, a thick, stable watch, watch gets attention and love.

The oyster-shaped housing of the 116610LN watch enhances the three-proof performance. Whether it is dustproof, waterproof or shockproof, not everyone can open the case. To open the oyster shell, a 5 N/m twist is required to open the oyster shell. This kind of housing can effectively protect the movement of the machine, ensure accuracy and be reliable. To protect the movement from water and dust, the crown is a three-chain crown. The fastening makes the oyster shell completely sealed, just like a submarine seal door. The one-way rotating outer ring allows the diver to accurately record the dive time, and only one-way rotation can avoid misjudgment of water time and oxygen. The 300m waterproof effect combined with the oyster shell protection makes it the first choice for outdoor sports. The flash calendar plus the Rolex personality’s blisters calendar window clearly shows the date. It works the same way as any other dive watch, but the resistance is unbeatable, both because of the waterproof support of the outer casing and because the sturdy material makes the diver different from other dive watches.

Replica watch Rolex 116610 LN “Black Water Ghost” watch uses the Swiss Observatory certified 3135 action, speaking 3135, which is particularly meaningful for the 1981 watch fake watch Rolex, it is known as the king of Rolex sports. The title is not from the thin air, Rolex fake watch did not achieve much in the sport, the main achievement is part of it. The 3135 is one of the Rolex, there are few homemade actions, and there has not been much change during this period, maintaining the original taste. The 3135 oscillating wheel has two sets of fine adjustment screws to balance the swing of the oscillating wheel. In addition, the use of Baoli blue paramagnetic filament and Rolex patents improve the external and anti-reluctance capabilities of the oscillating system. At the same time, the KIF damper was applied to the balance wheel and compared with the most popular Ingram damper. The oscillating wheel splint adopts a bridge design and is fixed by two screws to achieve the best stability. The diameter is 28.5mm and the thickness is 6.00mm. The overall feeling is slightly thicker. But internal Poland is commendable.

In general, the 3135 is a Rolex replica watch that is proud of its automatic machine with stable performance and strong anti-collision capability. It is one of the most widely used parts of the fake watches. In short, the 116610 LN continues the classic elements of the Rolex diving series, but most importantly, it uses a classic black and white dial, a sturdy, wear-resistant, fine steel watch chain, and uses a replica watch Rolex undecided 3135 core . Not only does this watch look beautiful, but the performance is absolutely stable and suitable for the general public. “The traditional oyster shell that Rolls has not defined is perfectly displayed on its body. The ceramic watch ring and three protective boxes make it feel completely unstimulated, ensuring the operating environment of the machine. “Black Water Ghost” is not like Green water ghost is so fashionable, it is only classic and low-key, such labor is the absolute choice of laborers. Compared with green ghosts, black is not only matched, but also not so difficult, the price is slightly lower, it is a good every Japanese dining table.

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