Rolex fake watches week calendar type 40 green face

As we all know, Rolex never engages in anniversary, limited money and other gimmicks. However, at the 2016 Basel Watch Fair, the 60th anniversary of the Rolex Week Calendar, the brand quietly launched a special green dial week calendar type 40 replica watches, rose gold model number 228235, platinum model number 228239, in 2015 Introduced in the year, the calendar-type 40 watch is equipped with a new 3255 calibre. The new model is based on the combination of Rolex’s iconic sunburst green dial and Roman time stamp.
Rolex Week Calendar Day-Date

Rolex won the Day-Date patent in 1955, and a year later, in 1956, the Day-Date Week Calendar watch model 6511 was launched. The calendar type calendar shows the day at the 12 o’clock position on the dial, and the date is displayed at the 3 o’clock opening—the same position as the Datejust. Essentially, the original 蚝-type constant-motivator core has an additional week display ring. For 60 years, the calendar has been a symbol of R’s high-end watches. It has always been made of precious metal gold or platinum, and has won the title of the head of the table because of the preference of many US presidents.
Green is the signature color of the Rolex brand. It is famous for the submarine Submariner16610LV of the 50th anniversary of the submariner in 2003 and the green glass lightning needle 116400 of 2007. The last application of the green dial in the weekday calendar is 118138 in 2013. It is a 36mm old DD model, especially with a green belt. If the new movement’s 40mm DD can match the old-fashioned Rolex logo green, it is undoubtedly the dream of labor.
Now, the dream comes true – the Rolex Week Calendar 40 Green Face is basically the same as the various Champagne Day Week Calendar 40 released last year. The only difference is the green sunburst dial. The case size is quite 40 mm, neither as small as the old DD nor a slight proportion of the 41 mm DDII. Like all replica watch Rolex calendar watches (except Platinum Edition), the bezel is a triangular pit pattern – commonly known as a ring. It is also a traditional enamel case with a one-piece mid-shell with a screw-in bottom and a twinlock double-lock screw-in crown for water resistance up to 100 meters.
The commemorative models are all Roman numerals, the materials of the hands and time scales are the same as the case, the Everose rose gold with red gold hands and hour markers, the white gold with white gold hands and hour markers, I personally feel the rose gold and green dial The match is more beautiful; it goes without saying that the week calendar without the “President” head-shaped bracelet is not perfect, and the head-shaped bracelet was developed for the week calendar in 1956.

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