Rolex Replica Submariner 16610 vs 116610 Comparison Review

Rolex Submariner is a classic watch. It is the perfect choice for men’s daily wear watches. At the 2010 Basel Watch Fair, Rolex replica introduced the new Submariner 116610 in stainless steel to replace 16610 watch. The Replica Rolex Submariner 16610 watch was released in 1988. Many people may not understand how much the Rolex Submariner 16610 evolved to 116610. Let us review the changes from the old Rolex replica Submariner 16610 to new Submariner 116610.



After the date model of the 16610 Submariner Rolex replica was discontinued, the 116610 Submariner Time model was born. Fake replica Submariner 116610 uses a ceramic bezel, 16610 watches use an aluminum bezel. This is the most exciting and visual difference between these two watches. The ceramic bezel is more scratch-resistant than the aluminum bezel. I have not seen a broken ceramic bezel so fas, but we have all seen a lot of aluminum bezels that need to be replaced after a few years. Thus, the ceramic bezel is a boon for most people.

The material of the bezel has been changed, and the internal rotation mechanism of the bezel has also been improved. The 16610’s bezel is easy to get stuck or difficult to control when rotating. Therefore, this old why Rolex watch replica Submariner 16610 is difficult to place accurately. The new watch has no such problem.


The luminous colors of the two imitation Rolex watches are quite different. The luminous color of the new watch is bluish, the old one is green luminous. When you see these two watches, you will feel that the luminous light of the new fake watch will be brighter.

Case size


Both Rolex replica Submariner watches have the same 40mm case. However, when wearing on the hand, we feel that 116610 replica watch will feel bigger. If someone thinks that the 16610 watch case is too small, 116610 maybe is a good choice. The crown of the new exact replica watch is larger than that of the old watch, and the lugs on the lugs are twice as wide as the old model. The distance between the lugs of the new model is 27 mm, and the distance between the lugs of the old model is 24 mm. That is why the 116610 watch Rolex looks bigger.

Bracelet and Clasp


The chain knuckles of the new Rolex fake Submariner 116610 are completely solid stainless steel, while the 16610 is hollow. Although this new watch bracelet will be heavier, there will never be any loosening of the Rolex bracelet. The clasp of the new watch is truly improved obviously. It not only gives greater fine-tuning accuracy, but also more convenient operation.

Generally speaking, Rolex’s new replica Submariner 116610 is a powerful and clear improvement of the old Submariner 16610, while still maintaining its true classic form for decades.