It’s not easy to learn your eyes to see little details that are so important for our hobby,  the thin line between original and fake Daytona has become the difference between 20K & 300K when we look at the Ref 6265 with or without Paul Newman dial for instance. So today I like to share some little secrets about the beauty of vintage Rolex collecting that make us fully understand that the Paul Newman Daytona’s is the icon Rolex model for most of us.

The secret we see with these early added Oyster ref 6265 & 6263 is that when you hold it at a light, you see the ‘hidden’ Daytona print.  The word ‘Cosmograph’ we aslo see slightly beneath the newly added Oyster under Rolex so now the to ” pump to screw waterproof pushers” transformation is completed on the dial by Singer and Rolex could deliver it out. As it’s not on every Oyster Paul Newman we have to take into consideration that Singer has done this for special markets, like the U.S. or Canada.

With the bear eye one can see the into the dial pushed Daytona print easily, it took me a while to capture it on picture but here it is.

For eye candy please only, the phenomenal brown RCO, a old style pump ref 6239 – 6241 – 6262 – 6264 Rolex Cosmograph left over dial where Singer then added OYSTER.

After this introduction I like to come to the subject I want to discuss today, the so called “Ghost” Oyster Paul Newman.

The Oyster Paul Newman dial versions are nowadays described in 3 different versions, the MK1, 1.5 and MK2. The difference between them is the old Rolex logo versus newer type and serif and non serif writing of the word Oyster and Cosmograph. At MK1.5 we see the non serif writing changed in a newer style Rolex writing with serifs but still with non serif old mk1 Oyster & Perpetual writing and finally the last version and imho the best looking one is the MK2 with serif Rolex, Oyster and Cosmograph writing, all in harmony.

With the last version, the MK1.5 & the MK2, we often see that when you inspect the dial up close and I mean really up close you see some odd details. In 2014 Christie’s offered a so far unknown Rolex Oyster Paul Newman with black base dial, red daytona and red minute track. Why was it unknown, because it didn’t had the writing as RCO ( Rolex Cosmograph Oyster ) but as ROC ( Rolex Oyster Cosmograph). This was something very unusual as so far a black 3 color Oyster dial which had ROC writing was a fake, a Mayer dial or so called Texas dial because the watch dealer who ‘made’ these, came from Texas. But this one was different, all the Rolex graphics where spot on as you can see below.

When you focus on the ROC logo you see it’s almost 3 dimensional, fat printed laying on top of the dial and after seeing it in geneva at the preview of Christie’s I was also convinced this dial is original Rolex / Singer.

At below you clearly see the A at the end on the dial.

Normally you don’t see the halo or stain with this ghost Oyster Newman, specially not on the white surface. Instead you see an all creamy dial with fat lume, fat writings and perfect tone when you look at it up close,

Beginning of the 70-ies rolex was having huge difficulties selling their Daytona’s. Besides that clients thought it was a bit to big, at their main market the U.S. the watch was related top the racetrack Daytona. The oil crisis in early 70-ies made Rolex wanna change the name Daytona from their dials. For Rolex and it’s dial maker Singer it would had been much easier to leave the red Daytona print on the dial.

Because the typographies where using the ‘old style’ Rolex writing and had to change to the new style. For any designer this is VERY important that every graphic detail is modern and up to date, different then on previous examples and nowadays also so important for us collectors.

Now when we dive even a little deeper in the Rolex graphic we see above that the MK1.5 and MK2 are NOT using the same Rolex print. It looks kind of the same but actually it’s different when you compare it up close. I enlarge it for easy viewing.

From above line up first you immediately see that the MK1 print is clearly difference then the rest. Between the old thin Rolex print and the newer thick Rolex print is a huge difference. Next question after the fact that the MK2 are “HALO”is if the MK1.5 is also having this effect? With other words, did Singer take of the total print of an earlier donor Paul Newman dial to reprint a Oyster style MK1.5 logo on it?? Find below an picture I received of a french collector showing you that a MK1.5 is indeed also having a “HALO”.

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