As A Woman, How To Choose The First Replica Rolex Watch In Your Life?

Rolex is a well-known watch brand. Rolex should be known to everyone, but not everyone will wear it. Not everyone will buy it. In the world, there are certainly more men wearing Rolex than women. But because of Rolex’s classics, more and more women are starting to buy Rolex. Let’s take a look, as a woman, you will choose the Rolex watch as the first watch in your life.

1.Rolex Pearlmaster 34MM 81285

Rolex Pearlmaster REPLICA 34MM 81285

This is a series that can be seen from the outside as a ladies’ Rolex watch. Because every watch in this series has diamonds, and more than one. Although the Rolex brand is dominated by men’s watches, the women’s watch is equally exciting.

REPLICA Rolex Pearlmaster 34MM 81285

The bracelet of the replica Rolex Pearlmaster 81285 is 18ct eternal rose gold. This rose gold was patented in 2005 and is widely used in other replica Rolex watches. The natural mother-of-pearl dial is quite beautiful in the sun. Because of the natural nature of the mother-of-pearl, each dial will be slightly different. Rolex Pearlmaster 81285 uses PEARLMASTER strap
With five arched links. This watch uses a 2236 movement with a “COSC” certification. The date is displayed at three o’clock and a small magnifying glass window is configured.

Rolex Women’s Datejust 41MM 126303

Rolex Women's Datejust REPLICA 126303 Rolex Women's Datejust 126303 REPLICA

If you think the pearl is too dazzling, then you can consider this one – Replica Rolex Women’s Datejust 126303. This watch does not use diamonds but gold. It is the result of the perfect combination of gold and steel. The dark grey dial is also a symbol of Rolex. The black scale is surrounded by green, which is definitely the most visible sign of this watch. The strap structure is the same as other styles, with gold added in the middle. The 3235 movement also has a “COSC” certification and is twice as accurate as of the certification standard. The date is set the same as the Pearlmaster 81285.

Rolex Submariner 40MM 116610LV

REPLICA Rolex Submariner 40MM 116610LV

If you think the Pearlmaster 34MM is too small and the Women’s Datejust 41MM is too big, you can choose the replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV. This is indeed a men’s watch. But girls are equally handsome to wear. I won’t describe the details of it. If you want to know, you can go to the article I wrote before. It is not surprising that women wear men’s watches. The 40MM dial is also suitable for women.

Well, whether you want to buy a small diameter or large diameter, or a handsome ladies’ watch, you can use the three Rolex watches of the article as a reference. For my part, I like the 40MM Rolex Submariner 116610LV. Wear it, I am definitely more handsome than a man. Of course, the small dial is also very delicate.