Replica Complex Functional Patek Philippe Complication 5230G Watch

“Patak Philippe” has a detached position in the watch circle and has an unparalleled reputation. Replica Patek Philippe‘s top ten values: independence, respect for tradition, innovation and creation, quality craftsmanship, precious and rare, long-lasting value, craft aesthetics, quality service, emotional transmission, and high quality.

Replica Patek Philippe Complication 5230G


Replica Patek Philippe Complication 5230G is known as the “World Timer.” Its dial is fascinating. If you are not a professional, you may not know the time of this watch. The dial features a hand-carved charcoal grey and white dial with a white gold decal hour markers for use with the central hour and minute hands. Around the central charcoal grey, the dials of the intricate pattern section are marked with a day and night indication of 24 time zones. This iconic timepiece relies on the 240 HU movement to accurately indicate every moment.


This remarkable mechanism is housed in an 18K white gold case with a transparent sapphire case back that is water-resistant to 30 m. This extra piece of protection is provided for this precious masterpiece, which is fixed by a shiny black alligator strap. On the wrist and fixed by the unfolding buckle.

Patek Philippe Complication 5230G Replica

What impressed you most is his functional complexity. Whether you are an avid traveler or an admirer of luxury watches, the Patek Philippe Complication 5230G is the perfect choice for your wrist.