Why Did You Buy A Fake Watch?

In this era, fake watches are very common. Whether it’s a physical store or an online store, we can see that fake watches are on sale. Although many people are banning the sale of fake watches, fake watches still exist. And fake watches are also good or bad. Some fake watches do the same as real watches, causing someone to pay for a real watch but buy a fake watch. But some people just want to buy fake watches. how about you? Why did you buy a fake watch?

1. Vanity?

Vanity Fake Watches

Someone must have bought a fake watch because their inner vanity is leading. Such people generally do not have enough money and do not know much about watches. Then they will definitely choose the hottest watch, and in recent years, it must be Rolex. And they may only know Rolex.
But I don’t recommend buying watches because of vanity. Because the watch you wear should match your identity. Wearing a watch that does not match your identity, even if it is a real watch, it will make others think it is a fake watch. Therefore, even when buying fake watches, you must choose one that suits your temperament.

2. Love Watches But No Money?

Some people really like watches, but watches are a luxury. Real watches are even more expensive than a sports car or a villa. These people lacked money at the time, so they had to choose a fake watch. After wearing a fake watch, you can observe whether this watch is suitable for you. If it’s a watch that suits your style, you can buy a real watch like this if you have money later.

3. The Real Watch Cannot Be Bought?

Why Did You Buy A Fake Watch Rolex submariner

Why Did You Buy A Fake Watch Rolex Daytona

Fake Watch of Patek Philippe Nautilus

With the advent of the Internet and express delivery, super hot watches are now very difficult to buy. Such as Rolex’s Submariner series and Daytona series, Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series. These watches are not available even if you have money. And the price of these fiery watches has been rising. At this time, you can only choose to buy fake watches. Although you have to buy fake watches as a last resort, you may get surprises. Because you will find that the original fake watch has been so perfect. Here you can buy the perfect fake watch, like replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV.

4. Reasonable Consumption?

Reasonable consumption is the best way to buy fake watches. Reasonable consumers are generally people with status and style. Such people usually have luxury cars and luxury homes, but they don’t think it is worth the tens of millions of dollars to buy watches. Luxury cars and houses can already reflect their identity and status, so even if they wear a fake watch, we consider it to be a real watch. And they will buy real watches, but because they need different styles of watches, sometimes they choose to buy a fake watch.

After writing the article, which one of these four types of people are you? I hope you are watch-loving people or Reasonable consumption. Finally, I would like to say, whether it is to buy a fake watch or a real watch, we all have to choose a watch that suits us.