The Top Replica Roger Dubuis Knight of the Round Table 1 Review, is it worth it?

When talking about the chivalry. The humility, honor, sacrifice, valor, compassion, Honest, Justice, Spirituality will came into our mind. A Swiss watch brand, Roger Dubuis co-founded by watchmaker Roger Dubuis and designer Carlos Dias in 1995, which upholds the two brand concepts of innovation and rigor. In just over 20 years, They have independently developed and produced a number of classic watches that shine throughout the wristwatch industry.  Among which the most representative is the Knight of the Round Table from the Excalibur series.

Knight of the Round Table I:

The meterial of the watch body, threaded crown and classic three-pointed is all the 18K rose gold. The table mirror is sapphire crystal glass with the diameter of 45mm. The thickness of the case is 15.7 mm with the rose gold folding clasp. The biggest lightspot are the global limited edition of 28 knights and the enamel dial and the three-dimensional mold of the knight statuette moment.

The Replica Roger Dubuis Knight of the Round Table I Table Review

The replica watch uses the iconic elements of the Excalibur series. The workmanship of case, triangular pit pattern circle design is very dainty and delicate. No matter which angle, you can show and appreciate the wonderful details of the 12 bronzes on the scale.

The jade dial of the good Knight of the Round Table I replica watch is very well-made and full of three-dimensionality. Twelve precious  bronzes on the outer ring represent the time scales. Micro carving by the same bronze material as the original version. Each knight is 6.5 meters and it is lifelike.

The side of the Roger Dubuis Round Table Knight replica watch is brushed and polished. The shoulder guards combined with the middle case add a new dimension to avoid damage.

The Workmanship of The Replica Knight of the Round Table I

The back of the knights of the round table I adopts a dense bottom design. The knights gather together to safeguard justice and defend the determination of King Arthur of justice. Some re-engraved watch movements adopt imported Citizen 9015 automatic mechanical movement, which is very accurate and stable, and the repair rate is extremely low.

The Knight of the Round Table I replica watch adopts a black imported Italian top calf leather strap with exquisite crocodile leather texture printed on it. It is light and breathable through thin threads and tight seams, and has a good texture.

Summary: This Roger Dolby replica watch is very difficult. Its craftsmanship is very cumbersome and complicated. If the technology is not good enough, it is easy to be nondescript. The strongest, the workmanship of the scale statuette is remarkable, and it is worth everyone to start with.

The Top Replica Richard Mille RM052-Costum Movement

“The ticket to the billionaire”, another name of the Richard Mille. Richard Mille RM052 skull, ghost shape is not uncommon in entertainment applications, whether it is a haunted house adventure or Halloween Big adventures, or funny grimace patterns on men’s and women’s clothing, show the unruly women and the brave and domineering men. Based on the watch, the design of the skull is more unique. The RM 52-01 hollow skull watch is absolutely stunning, and the exaggerated shape is unforgettable at a glance.

The eye-catching craft-tourbillon, has become the focus of exploration for watch fans. The diameter of the tourbillon is 10.90 mm, and its position is exactly in the mouth of the skull. It can be said that the position is very classic. When the watch is working, the tourbillon is spinning fast in the skull’s mouth, and it is faintly visible through the gaps of the cage-shaped teeth. It’s not only a mechanical beauty, but also an indescribable feeling. It can be said that it is a kind of reverence for the god of death, or a shock to people from an immortal image. The top replica Richard Mille combines the unconventional skull design with the tourbillon technology that Richard Mille is famous for. At the same time brings us thinking about the ultimate problem of life, which is evocative. endless.

The Top Replica Richard Mille RM052

RM Richard Mille has always been the object of imitation. The Richard Mille RM52-01 real tourbillon replica watch will continue to lead this field. Some replica Richard Millewill be slightly larger, and some versions will be larger in size. The error is relatively small, and some are 1:1 replicas. The Richard Mille RM52-01 true tourbillon replica watches adopt the custom tourbillon movement of Shanghai Movement Factory, and strives to make the watch have a genuine timekeeping effect. , Then can this Richard Mille, which sells for several million, replace the genuine product in your critical eyes? Let’s take a look together.

Some Details In The Top Replica Richard Mille

The size is close to the official 50*43*16 mm, and some replicas even reach 49.8*44.3*16.4 mm. The ruby ​​in the skull’s mouth is the real bearing of the tourbillon, not a decoration. The size and depth of the right eye gear are close to the original. The center of the forehead is ruby ​​red and translucent, frosted buckle, and imported Thai raw rubber strap. Thanks to the same size and position of the tourbillon as the original one, from the back of the skull, you can clearly see the running process of the tourbillon coaxial with gems. From the front, the black balance wheel is just blocked by the skull’s jaw, leaving only The lower escape wheel swims under the head. The movement is a real tourbillon movement customized by the Shanghai Movement Factory. Each watch has undergone a high-strength simulator QE running time, and waterproof.

Mr. Richard Mille set one of the development strategies at the beginning of the brand creation: being exclusive in terms of price and output. . Simply put, the entry-level public price is more than 500,000. Everyone who knows Richard Miller and those who do not know Richard Mille knows that it is not cheap to wear a Richard Mille watch on your wrist.

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8 Classic Replica Panda Dial Watches

When it comes to “Panda”, my first thought is China. Because the panda is a Chinese mascot. Don’t be misled. Although the title is Panda, this article discusses watches. I will introduce eight classic replica panda dial watches.

When it comes to "Panda", my first thought is China. Because the panda is a Chinese mascot. Don't be misled. Although the title is Panda, this article discusses watches. I will introduce eight classic replica panda dial watches. There is no ranking, I write whichever I think first.
There is no ranking, I write whichever I think first.

1.Rolex Daytona 116500LN 40MM

8 classic replica panda dial watches of Rolex Daytona 116500LN 40MM

Rolex Daytona 116500LN is a new product launched in 2013. 116500LN is the 50th anniversary of Daytona. This watch caused a sensation in Basel in 2013. Daytona has always maintained the most comfortable size -40MM. Replica Rolex Daytona 116500LN has a black or white dial. According to statistics, more people like the white dial. The black timing ring at 3, 6, 9 and the white dial form a classic replica panda dial. 116500LN with NO.4130 movement can store 72 hours of power. And it has a water resistance of 100 meters. Daytona is a timer for racing cars.

2.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak REF. # 26331ST.OO.1220ST.03 41MM

replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak REF. #26331ST.OO.1220ST.03

AP’s Royal Oak has always been a representative classic watch. REF. # 26331ST.OO.1220ST.03 is a watch currently on the official website. As a Royal Oak watch, it has an iconic stainless steel case, an octagonal bezel, and an integrated bracelet. Inside the case with a diameter of 41MM and a thickness of 11MM is the automatic movement No. 2385. The movement No. 2385 can store 40 hours of power. The large white checkered dial and black sub-dial are also a classic replica panda dial.

3.Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch REF. 311.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch REF. 311.

Omega’s CK2998 began in 1959. Speedmaster produced this limited edition of only 2998 for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Omega’s CK2998 began in 1959. The design of this Moonwatch is inspired by the CK2998 in 1959. The dial is an authentic panda dial with a white face and black circle that has never appeared in CK2998. Under the replica panda dial watch of 39.7MM is the NO.1861 movement. The NO.1861 movement has a power value of 48 hours. The CK2998 in 2019 has a water-resistant depth of 50 meters. Omega’s Speedmaster measures speed and pulse.

4.Breitling Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44MM

8 classic replica panda dial watches of Breitling Superocean Heritage II Chronograph

Picture This is a brand new Superocean from last year. The dial is not pure silver but with a pale yellow color, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. But the black ceramic bezel reflects a modern sense of fashion. It is interesting that the three small black discs are relatively small at 44mm Superocean. The pandas of these three smaller classic panda dials are distinctive. And this Superocean with NO.B01 movement has a diving depth of 200M.

5.TAG Heuer Heritage Calibre Heuer 02 REF.CBE2111.BA0687 42MM

8 classic replica panda dial watches of TAG Heuer Heritage Calibre Heuer 02 REF.CBE2111.BA0687 42MM

A few years ago, TAG Heuer invited 5000 net names to choose the most popular Heuer watches. The result was the Ref. 2446 Mark II worn by Jochen Rindt. So the design of Heuer 02 was inspired by Ref. 2446 Mark II. The silver smooth dial with black water ripple chronograph dial also reflects the classic panda dial. To provide it with 80 hours of power is NO.02 movement. TAG Heuer is also an excellent chronograph for racing competitions.

6.Girard Perregaux Laureato Chronograph 42MM / 38MM

replica Girard Perregaux Laureato Chronograph 42MM

GP’s watch is very similar to the AP wrote earlier. GP’s Laureato was born in the seventies like many high-grade steel case watches. This Laureato Chronograph has an octagonal bezel on the round dial. 904L steel case and strap with integrated design. The replica panda dial watch is reflected in the silver “Clou de Paris” pattern and three black wavy chronograph dials. This Laureato Chronograph is available in two sizes, 42MM and 38MM. Corresponds to 81020-11-131-11A and 81040-11-131-11A, respectively. Both replica watches are used in the GP03300 movement. This movement can store 46 hours of power.

7.Montblanc TimeWalker 118490 43MM

8 classic replica panda dial watches of Montblanc TimeWalker 118490 43MM

The dials at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock are the updated dials of TimeWalker. Obviously such a dial is more fashionable. The pale yellow cream white dial with three black sub-windows forms a lovely classic panda dial. NO.MB 25.10 movement can store 46 hours of power. And TimeWalker 118490 has a water resistance of 100 meters.

8.Tissot Heritage 1973 T1244271603100 43MM

fake Tissot Heritage 1973 T1244271603100 43MM

Tissot’s design style is classic nostalgia. This panda chronograph was designed according to the Tissot Navigator of 1973. The abalone shell shape reflects the nostalgic style. Heritage 1973’s panda dial is not only black and white but also orange and fluorescent green, which were popular in the 1970s. And the perforated belt is full of racing style. The 43MM Heritage 1973 is limited to 1,973 pieces. This is a cost-effective classic panda dial watch.

Most of these eight models can be bought on the official website. But I think buying a few more fake watches is also a good idea. (Hont is an online store specializing in replica watches)

Alright, that’s all for eight classic panda dial watches. Did you find it? The above eight Panda dial watches each have a small dial at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. They all seem to have three-eyed mutant pandas. Next time I list several watches with normal panda dials with two eyes. Please look forward to.