Similar Replica Tanks, XL Solo VS Louis

The Tank made by Cartier in 1917 went on sale in 1919. Until now, Cartier Tank has a total of nine series. The more common ones are Tank Solo, Louis, FRANÇAISE, AMÉRICAINE, MC and so on. Today we compare two similar replica Tanks, Solo and Louis.

First of all, the Tank Solo and Louis I compare are XL models. I will not repeat the following articles.


Overall, the retail price of Louis Cartier is almost double that of Rose Gold Tank Solo. There are several reasons for the high price. I will simply say a few. First, the crown jewel. Louis Cartier uses pure natural sapphires, while Tank Solo uses synthetic sapphires. Second, the strap. Although these replica two similar Tanks use crocodile skin. But you can see for yourself that Louis’s crocodile skin is larger. Probably because of the different parts of the crocodile, it is cheaper to use a small crocodile skin. (I don’t know the specific reason) Third, the movement. Tank Solo and Louis use different movements. Tank LC XL uses the NO.430 movement, while Tank Solo uses the ETA movement. Of course, if you want to buy a good quality replica Cartier, is a professional replica watch online store.


Looking at the two similar replica Tanks from the front, they are actually about the same size. Tank Solo measures 31 mm x 40.85 mm, while Tank LC measures 33 mm x 40.4 mm. But looking at the two replica watches from another angle, you will find that they have different thicknesses. The thickness of Tank Solo is about 7.65MM. But Louis Cartier only has 5.1MM. The thickness of 5.1MM is the thinnest in the replica Cartier Tank series. Although the thickness is different, Solo has a curved back, so both watches are comfortable to wear.

Crown Jewel

Similar Tank SOLO Cartier ReplicaSimilar Tank Louis Replica Cartier


The use of different gemstones on the crown is also responsible for the price difference. If you look closely at the crowns of these two watches, the colors of these two stones are different. Tank Solo’s sapphires are artificial, so they are bright blue. And Louis Cartier uses expensive natural sapphire, so from some perspectives, the color of sapphire is close to black.


Similar Tank Replica SOLO Cartier  Similar Tank Louis Cartier Replica

Tank Solo and Louis both use 18K pink gold, but the gloss is different. Tank Louis Cartier’s dial is darker than Tank Solo. Louis, as always, has no second hand. Solo is like a normal watch with three hands. And the Roman numerals of Louis are thinner than Solo. Regarding the date window, Tank Solo has a date window at six o’clock and Louis does not. Overall, Louis is extremely simple.

Well, here are the two similar replica Tanks. XL Solo and Louis have similar designs, but the details are still very different. Cartier Tank Solo XL is an entry-level tank. The Tank Louis Cartier XL is definitely a must-have watch for ladies.