Rolex 2020 Models Release Time And Release Predictions

With the sudden appearance and rapid spread of COVID-19, every industry is being adversely affected. As is customary, the Baselworld 2020 exhibition, scheduled for March, has also been cancelled. With the cancellation of Baselworld 2020, Rolex has postponed the release of the new models until the end of April. However, the April 2020 models did not arrive as planned either. Furthermore, Rolex also announced that the release of the new 2020 watches has not been confirmed and will be postponed indefinitely. However, in July we heard some new good news.

When Will Rolex Release 2020 Models?

At the beginning of July, it was announced that Rolex would be releasing 2020 models from September 1-4, and this news has been confirmed. UK media watchpro has been notified by Rolex, and UK retailers and journalists have been asked to reserve September 1-4 for the launch of the Rolex 2020 models. “The launch will take place at the start of September and you will see it all here first”, said James Dowling, an authority on the subject on Insight.

And I don’t think Rolex’s September launch will be delayed any longer. We will definitely see new 2020 Rolex watches on that particular day, let’s wait for it.

Rolex 2020 Release Predictions

Rolex surprises everyone with each new product release, and in the past, the most anticipated product at Baselworld was the Rolex new product. The 2020 Rolex watches have been delayed by half a year, and people are increasingly curious about the new models. So far, the details of the new Rolex watches have been completely hidden, except for the confirmed release date. The curiosity of collectors and insiders alike has never been higher. I’m going to tell you what I, a replica watch dealer, predict.

  • 904L Steel Submariner

904L Steel replica Submariner

The most popular on the market today is the Rolex Submariner Date or No-Date watch made of 904L Oyster steel. But the newest stainless steel Rolex Submariner watch on the market is ref. 116610, released in 2010. Ten years have passed. It’s time for Rolex to release another new Rolex Submariner Steel watch. Whether it’s a dive watch or a stainless steel tool watch that is the best seller, I think Rolex should take advantage of this opportunity once again. And then make back the money it lost during COVID-19.

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Entry-Level Model

Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Entry-Level Model

The luxury Rolex is launching 4 Datejust watches in 2019, and the Datejust watches are part of Rolex’s entry-level watches. Rolex has been updating its entry-level watches every year, and in 2020 it is very likely to update the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches. The 2020 new Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches will not change the case size or material, but the dial style is certainly Novelty.

  • 2020 Rolex Explorer II With Ceramic Bezel

2020 Rolex Explorer II replica With Ceramic Bezel

In 2015, Rolex first announced the Cerachrom bezel. We first saw a black ceramic bezel on the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718 watch, and Rolex later switched to ceramic bezels for the Submariner, Daytona, and Deepsea. But the Rolex Explorer II replica watches still have the stainless steel 24 bezel. Given the fact that Cerachrom bezels are scratch-resistant and hard, it was time for Rolex to use ceramic bezels on the Rolex Explorer II watches as well.

Rolex is sure to release several new watches in 2020, certainly more than three. The above 3 models are just my personal predictions for the new Rolex 2020 models, do you have any other ideas? You can write your thoughts in the comments. The staff at Hont Watches is always on the lookout for new Rolex 2020 releases and they are always up to date with the best new Rolex replica watches.