Wrist Watch Reproduction of Replica Rolex Expansion Yacht Celebrity Series

Replica Rolex Yacht Mingshi Navigation Watch is equipped with bi-directional rotating stereo 60 minute calibration outer ring, which is easy to identify. Rolex Replica Yacht Mingshi 42 with matte black Cerachrom ceramic outer ring perfectly sets off the black lacquered dial. Made of 18CT WHITE gold, this precious metal was first used in Replica Rolex Yacht Mingshi series.

The shell and both sides of the ear reflect a light and elegant luster, which makes the outline of the oyster shell more prominent and more attractive. Like all Replica Rolex professional wristwatches, the unique Chromalight night light display ensures clear reading in any environmental condition, even in darkness. Extra large pointers and hour markers are coated with nocturnal materials to emit lasting light.

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